Suddenly, this bully issue is growing real big and getting everyone’s attention. So I felt like writing something too.

Two years ago when my sister (who was then a Form 1 student at a boarding school) was bullied, I forced my parents to go see her teacher or whoever in the school to get them to do something about it. My sister was adamant about us not doing anything i.e. not complaining for fear she might be subjected to something worse. That’s understandable but obviously we’ll not just sit by. I knew one teacher from the school and so, asked her to look into it as well.

What my parents then told me was that the teachers were saying things like – “it’s a norm, they can do nothing about it.” Honestly at that time, I was more than just “not happy”.

Well, in the end the bullies did (only) get reprimanded if I’m not mistaken. She did get some bullying even after that, lesser though. They’re her ‘seniors’ after all.

I’m sorry if any of you think bullying is okay (you may have re-branded it to something like ‘mengajar’ or ‘tegas’ or ‘supaya junior tak manja’ etc) – but it never is and never will be. It’s not justifiable even if everybody before you did it.

Hurting people to ‘teach’ them is wrong and never acceptable. And I define hurting here as everything that affects a person negatively be it physically or emotionally and done intentionally.

You don’t teach people by forcing them to do something. Discipline is not defined as such. Discipline comes from a willing heart, wanting to do it. It comes from the inside of that very individual.

If you think I’m doing something wrongly, tell me. Correct me. Don’t yell or express your frustration in an immature, tyrannical, oppressive way. Apologies, but some parents/teachers do this. And probably from them, these young bullies bud from. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the best teacher of all time and I can say confidently, that those methods are not from his teachings. Love and kindness and patience – he taught people along that values.

I can’t accept someone impinging their values onto me. You may think it’s right but don’t ever think that I MUST think it’s right too. I give you the right to talk me through it and make me understand. But at the end of the day, I make the decision. I decide whether or not, I’m changing my views. Talk. Use your voice. Use your communication skills, if you have it that is. And please understand, communication means is much much more than just ‘talking’. And also, try to get the idea of agreeing to disagree.

I don’t understand how as a human, people can want to hurt others. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt any of you readers. I believe I have (hurt people), because I’m human and I make mistakes. But that definitely would not have been my intention. If as I fight for my rights, you get hurt somehow – then I apologise but so long as it doesn’t go against the teachings if my religion, I’ll not stop fighting for what I think is right. And bully is not right and I’m fighting against it.

No one would have realised that I was once a victim of bully as well. Even I didn’t realise that. Until very long after that as I notice how/what I’ve become because of what happened years ago. It hurt my confidence and self-esteem. Now, I try to make my sisters and brother understand that you should never let others make you feel bad about yourself. Everybody is just as worth it. Everybody has the right to feel good about themselves and not conform to the ideas/norms of a larger group of people. Tolerance is another thing though and we shall not get into that now.

Whatever the background of the those who bully others are, I don’t ever think I can accept their actions – I will understand but I’ll never be able to say that what they did is justifiable. You get bullied, you were tortured, or you were hurt somehow – all this does not give you the right do to the same to others. You were wronged so stand against those who wronged you.

Be patient and pray to Allah. Then, go on and do something to stop them hurting you further. Work, put some effort for yourself and pray that they work. It’s sunnatullah that you gotta work to get yourself out of that ‘bad condition’ you’re in.

For each one are successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah . Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron.


Do not bully others and at the same time, don’t let yourself get bullied. You have a choice. Take it. If you don’t stand for anything, you’ll fall for everything.

May Allah bless us all and protect us from bad deeds. May Allah help us and everyone out there who are being mistreated, provide us with the best sabr (patience) and lift us from unjust situations. May Allah give us strength and courage to stand against the cruel and tyrants. Ameen.

Hoping in Silence

“..And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion.” (3: 185)

Lately, I’ve been enjoying silence more than usual. To not hear voices and to just be quiet.

And let me awkwardly quote myself here =.=;

“People always lie. So it’s not about what they say, it’s what they do that matters.”

I usually (or should I use ‘always’?) tend to talk a lot with people I’m comfortable with because I just like to tell stories. I mean, stories are meant to be shared, right? Isn’t it boring when you’re having lunch or dinner and everyone just sit there quietly focusing on their phones?

And I tend to be very expressive as well. About what I think. Sometimes you just want people to understand you so bad that you try so hard to explain to them about you or your decisions/opinions. Then you realise that no matter how much you try, at one point they’ll still misunderstand and then you know you should stop trying. Because having our own opinion is our right. We know why we believe/think as such. Sometimes, you do need to explain but other times, you just don’t have to. Let them judge, don’t judge you for them though. I still do believe in voicing out my opinions – only when it can/will make a difference.

I believe in being positive and full of hope and so,  I don’t think I have the time nor energy to be bothered about what others think anymore. Even the ones I’m close to. Even the ones I care about. Because I think, if they truly care about me they’ll understand and if they don’t, they’ll ask me to justify my acts.

I can’t help but to hope. Hope that my act of silence can bring me the connection to God that probably I never experience before? I don’t know. But enjoying silence also means more reading and thinking time. More time for self-reflection? Actually I don’t know yet why I really want silence.

I believe and I hope. And who else do you hope to but your God?

“And never give up hope of Allah’s Mercy. Certainly, no one despairs of Allah’s Mercy, except the people who disbelieve.” (Surah Yusuf 12:87)

Also before I end, let me share some quotes I find interesting:

Yahya Ibn Mu’aadh said: “In my view, the worst kind of self-delusion is to greatly sin, yet hope for forgiveness without feeling any regret; and to hope to draw close to Allah – the Most High – without obedience to Him; and to await the fruits of Paradise, by planting the seeds for Hell-Fire; and to seek the abode of the obedient ones, by doing acts of disobedience; and to expect a reward, without doing any worthy action; and to hope in Allah – the Mighty and Majestic – after overstepping the bounds.”

“Jika engkau duduk bersama orang bodoh, maka diamlah. Jika engkau duduk bersama ulama maka diamlah. Sesungguhnya diammu di hadapan orang bodoh akan menambah kebijaksanaanmu dan diammu di hadapan ulama akan menambah ilmumu”- Hasan al Basri.

ps: you might think that this post is really incoherent. Or you might just not understand my whole point. That’s fine. Thanks for reading though !


Settling down.

So our neighbour let us access the internet using their line. How cool is that? I mean, in Malaysia I wouldn’t even think about asking. Here, random enough – I dropped a simple note into their mail-slot, asking for their line. And that person (whoever it was) just texted back, sending me their username and password. We’re gonna cook something for them, it’s a promise we made to ourselves. (I end up making carrot cake for them ^^)

The above is basically the sweet, happy part and is completely the opposite of what has been happening since I came here. I thought I had enough trouble back in Malaysia that things are gonna settle down fast here. But, well Allah had better plans.

You know already how our house was went we first came. I couldn’t accept the fact that after all the things we went through to find that place to call home, we came and can’t seem to call it that just yet. Funny enough, our friend who was just chilling back in Malaysia without a house – came here and got a perfect house right away. *not jealous or anything*

We had to walk around, call numerous numbers and see lots of houses and we finally decided to take Num 5 (my lovely home now). It drains you, really. Then we realised that we have to pay the final 6 month’s rent upfront because we don’t have a UK-based guarantor. I think my heart literally sank. I mean, where do they expect us to find that much money? And we had to look for a third person to stay with us (not really hard since there’ll be lots of student coming in September). The difficult part about finding this third person is that we don’t know what kind of person they’re gonna be. I’m so not the person who can simply get on well with you when i don’t understand what kind of person you’re yet. Still, I tried acting all nice with that person. But I guess, my non-emotional demeaneour came out real wrong. I don’t understand it but my friend said probably that person thinks I was mad at her or something. I’m not a crazy hot-tempered maniac alright. People just got to understand that.

“People are afraid of me because I am different.” – Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Also, I think probably we were a bit pushy ’cause we really wanted to do things fast and quickly move into the new place so we can settle down. But well, in the end, after we paid the deposit and all – she chose not to stay with us.

Honestly, I was dumbfounded. I can’t brain the fact that after all we did to get the house and just two days before we move in – we can’t. It’s like – me and bad luck are glued together for eternity or something.

Good thing the housing agency kinda feel bad for us and allowed just the two of us to stay in the 4-bedroom house. But of course, with a way much higher rent. Two weeks later, we have a new housemate. :) I’m still getting to know this new person, trying to warm up and stuff – hopefully things goes well. InsyaAllah.


It’s been a month now. Bad luck is still with me. I’d rather think of it as trials from Allah. I hope I stay strong here because everyday has been a challenge. Every single day. The accent. The bus rides. The walking. The friends. The studying.

I like changes. But this is a hard one. I’m positive though. I always am. That’s what I like about me. Does that sound narcissistic enough? Kbye.


My journey to Liverpool.

Step 1: Semester 5

Not gonna start from semester one.

Semester 5 was weird. It was pretty relaxed. And relax is not good. That’s also when i get to know most of them who are my good friends now. We created wonderful memories by working together, practicing osce together and succeeding together.

Step 2: IELTS

I hate IELTS. My friends were ‘tortured’ because of this supposedly english standard which totally doesn’t reflect their value as amazing medical students.

Step 3: Matching

So the matching process went smoothly and Alhamdulillah, I was matched to the uni I wanted. Please don’t ask why Liverpool because I do not have any definite answer. It was instinctual. I prayed so Allah would open my heart and lead me to choose the best. I was soo confused even after listing all the unis with their pros and cons to compare. On the morning we were supposed to submit the list, I sat down and trusted my instincts.

So Liverpool it is.

To my juniors, if you’re considering Liverpool, please contact me. I’ll tell you all I know in the most detailed way possible. I think I’ll tell what I would have wanted to know instead of waiting for your questions. Trust me, when I was in your shoes, yes I had questions but some of them, I never thought I should’ve known.

Step 4: Official Unconditional Offer Letter

Only after submitting our final’s results along with our A-level, SPM and a handful of other documents (scanned and emailed), will the university send us an offer letter. And we need the unconditional offer letter fast because that is needed for our sponsor (JPA) to process and send us a financial affidavit. What happened was the uni (UoL) stopped responding to me and I had no idea if they actually received my emails. And all this happened when I was attending my BTN camp. All needs to be done fast and being at BTN (means I can only use the internet on my phone) and the fact that they aren’t responding to my mails definitely makes things worrisome.

You know I sometimes get very antsy about things and need them to be perfectly perfect like, all the time? Yeah. So what happened made me worried sick.

I managed to contact them afterwards with my personal email (and of course, with the help of my friends).

Step 5: Visa

To apply for a visa (to the UK at least), you need to have your CAS statements and it will be sent to you by your university. We finished our finals in May (end of May) and have been waiting for our CAS statements for months! I can’t help but to pressure them regarding this thing. It would’ve been much easier to settle everything fast and then just relax and fly.

There were cases where students had problems with their visa and can’t transfer to overseas (to pursue their studies). Finally on the 2nd week of July, we received our CAS statements.

I don’t want to start about how tedious the online application was. I can’t even. Lucky we (me and my friends going to UoL) did the thing together (thank you WhatsApp) and we had a friend who’d done it before to help.

Please read the guide carefully before filling the online form. Pleaseee READ.

Since most universities start their courses around the same time (September), July is like the time when everyone starts applying for a visa. So we had to wait for 2 weeks for an appointment with the visa office. We were told that the time taken to process visa will be exactly 2 weeks. We were expected to be at Liverpool for our orientation on the 20th of August and JPA usually sends us one week (or less) earlier.

I was a bit too tired already to be worried. I’m like – whatever happens, happens.

When I thought the hardest part was over, another problem came knocking. Probably, if I tell you now, you might not be able to grasp the seriousness of it. But at the visa office, I think my heart was no longer beating in sinus rhythm. All because of the inai I wore – apparently because of it, the biometric scan wouldn’t be able to detect your fingerprints or something.

“I can’t let you in. Try to wash it off and come back before 1.30” It was 8.30am then.

I tried to be positive and think clearly what to do. I had to remove it. Okay, I have 5 hours.

You can’t possibly imagine what I went through the next 3 hours. My hands were sore but the inai was still there, un-faded. So I went back (still positive) and hoped they would just let me in and be done with it. But no. They were nice people (there was one man though who really don’t know the right thing to say to people with problems like me. Bad man) and the supervisor lady was kind so I managed to remain calm. Lucky me that I didn’t have to set another appointment but was told to just remove the inai and come back anytime.

In case I can’t remove it, what’ll happen? I emailed UoL and JPA. JPA said they can’t do anything and I’ll have to continue my studies locally. UoL said I can skip a few days of orientation (come a bit late) but if I skip it entirely, I might not be able to join the course. I was generally calm and still positive for some unknown reason.

I use these painful things on my poor fingers every other hour for 5 days:
1) Clorox (I’d recommend this if you’re having the same problem)
2) Soda bicarbonate
3) Lemon
4) Lime juice
5) Thinner
6) Nail polish remover
7) Colgate
8) Turpentine
9) Salt

On the third day of Eid (Raya), I troubled my uncle by making him drive all the way from Penang to KL (he insisted though) and settled this visa thing. Alhamdulillah. Really, alhamdulillah.

Things you need to submit to the visa office (if you’re a JPA scholar):
1) CAS statements
2) 1 UKvisa-sized photo (they ask two but only one was used)
3) Printed appointment slip
4) Printed visa form
5) TB test (and a photocopied one)
6) Financial Affidavit (and a photocopied one)
7) Current passport (and previous ones if you’ve been to UK with it)

Step 6: House

Finding a house can drive you real crazy. I don’t know. All this is really not good for my heart, seriously. Alhamdulillah, Izat (remember my housemate at IMU?) has a friend who’s already studying at Liverpool. So with her help (she was about to sit for her finals then), I explored all the possibilities. I had tonnes of questions and that blessed soul patiently answered them all. Allah bless her for her kindness and patience. Then when she decided to focus fully on her exams, another girl helped me. MasyaAllah this people. They are just so nice. I can’t repay their kindness and so to make myself feel better, I vowed to help my juniors when it’s their time. I promise to not be a selfish jerk there and to extend a helping hand for those in need.

Please, just ask.

There was a couple of times when we almost get a house and then, we had to cancel. It kills.

Step 7: Books.

For those continuing with third year like I am, my seniors suggested that I buy some books they usually use here. But well, due to time constrain and stuff, I didn’t buy any before coming to Liverpool.

Step 8: Clothes

So we were told that it’s okay to not bring any winter clothing since we’ll be going there late summer-early autumn. But once I touched down at Liverpool, I went – “Oh god.. this is not good”.

We were told that baju kurung are not considered as formal wear (I only know this 1 week before departure). I’ve been planning to wear baju kurung all week long (that was my formal attire at IMU and INTEC). So yeah, rushingly I bought around 3 formal shirts, hoping to continue my wardrobe shopping here at Liverpool. Well, I’m gonna go out and find stuff tomorrow :)

Step 9: Pre-departure.

You get money from JPA (it’s a lot – I’m definitely going back to Malaysia to serve) and the dress code is white shirt and tudung, black/dark blue blazer and black slacks and shoes.

Step 10: Things to bring.

I can’t really tell you what to bring/not to bring at this stage – I’m just one day here. So let me tell first what I brought and we’ll see if it’s relevant in the next post. :)

1) I brought very few clothes. One thick sweater and two blazers. A couple of formal shirts. 2 slacks. Pyjamas. Towel. Tracksuits (I love these, can’t leave them behind). A couple of baju kurung and one jubah. A few inners.

2) Food. I brought a lot of spices and herbs. My neighbour gave some sambal tempoyak – had to bring that too. 1 packet of instant noodles.

3) Toiletries and undergarments of course. The only problem is bringing toiletries in your hand luggage. At KLIA, they allowed up to 1L but at Heathrow, it’s only 100ml. But well, I brought more and nothing was confiscated. Be friendly and talk, they’d like you.

4) Your electronic devices. Don’t forget your charger/power bank, in case they want to check and the battery runs out – it might get confiscated.

5) In Malaysia they’ll threaten you with the importance of bringing not more than 30kg in your luggage and not more than 7kg for your hand luggage. I can only speak for myself – my bag was 32kg and I was prepared to pay. But probably because I went early and it was a group check-in, the MAS personnel allowed the extra kg and I didn’t have to pay anything (I was supposed to pay RM180). Alhamdulillah.  For your hand luggage – they WILL NOT weigh it. So do not worry and bring as much as you want in it. You can bring two bags – one to be placed in the overhead compartment and another, under your seat. The latter should be your computer bag – put your toiletries and electronic devices in it too(should you wanna use them in flight).

Step 11: Departure.

Ours was crazy and super fast. We gathered at the airport at 6pm for the 11.40pm flight. Once I reached there, we went to weigh our bags. My luggage was 31.6kg and the hand luggage was near 10kg. I was prepared to pay. When we went to the bag-strapping area – my friend was advised to remove some of the things in her bag (it was 33kg) for fear they might ask her to remove it anyway after covering the bag. That was a stressful moment there.

After the luggage check in, we were asked to gather at some place for a short briefing at 8.30pm. So while waiting (it was 7 already by then), we took some pictures and get to know our friends’ parents. I liked that part. Then we went for prayers and by the time we wanted to have dinner, it was already near 8.30 – so no dinner. I didn’t feel like eating anyway – I was super hungry though. We were told that we’ll have to get in for boarding at 9pm and it was already 8.40pm. Most of us didn’t cry because we were rushing like crazy and we hadn’t had time to think that we’re actually leaving our family behind for at least one good year. I felt weird in the stomach though. I have to be strong – ’cause I’m the eldest, Big Kakak okays.

We waited for around I don’t know, one hour (?) inside there and boarded the flight at 11.20 or something. I don’t know if you can change seats (I didn’t, though I wish I did). Once you’ve settled at your seat, it’s troublesome to change seats. So maybe we should’ve simply went to those seats right from the beginning. I didn’t even went to the toilet throughout that 13 hours – the times I felt like going, the two people next to me were sleeping so soundly. I watched a few movies, made lots of doa, write, drew, watched the clouds, slept and ate. The food was good but I couldn’t finish my breakfast (despite being very hungry) because I was sobbing so hard watching The Lady.







Step 12: Transit at LHR (London Heathrow airport)

So we arrived around 6am and alhamdulillah, we felt good. The sad part was that because our friends to Dublin had to go to a different terminal than ours, so technically we parted once we landed at London. I hated that. Tak sempat feeling pun. =.=

I went to the toilet to bathe actually and just realised that they don’t have pipes or anything. Just tissues. I spent a few minutes staring at the toilet bowl, thinking if I really wanted to do this.

We waited till 11 something before boarding the plane to Manchester. I won’t tell you my culture shock experiences though. :)


Step 13: Manchester to Liverpool.

When we landed (after a rough ride – I wonder if it’s normally like that or it’s just this pilot), my friend wasn’t feeling so good and I was really exhausted and sleepy. We took a train and I slept throughout despite being told not to. Well, I can’t help it.

Step 14: Liverpool.

This place is soo cold (and it’s not even winter yet!) and windy and the people have a weird different kinda English accent (scouse – I’m glad I knew about it beforehand). I hope to be able to speak like them soon enough :)

The bomb was our house. *insert forced smile*

I was shocked, honestly. The OCD side of me was screaming already. It was very dirty and in some way, creepy too. But our neighbours are amazing people and it made everything so much better than it would have been.

Probably it just needs some serious cleaning and makeover.

So we’re not sure what will happen tomorrow (ehh.. today. I woke fresh at 3am! jet lag..zzz..), but we’ll be fine insyaAllah. This is nothing, aye? :)

Dear Allah.

Too many things happened and now, it’s time. It’s surreal. It’s not as I expected it to be. But I can plan and wish all I want, but Allah’s decision is the best and I don’t just know that – I strongly believe so.

As it gets nearer, I’m getting more and more anxious. Suddenly there’re just so many things I’d like to do before embarking on this journey I’ve been anticipating for quite some time.

Dear Allah, if going there is what destined for me then make it easy for me.

Help me love You, truly sincerely and eternally for I know what I’m offering now is not good and true enough.

Keep me grounded, close to You and don’t ever let me go astray.

I pray to never ever forget that I’m always in need of You.

Help me protect my heart and mind from all decisions that are bad and wrong for me, my Deen and my future.

Help me stay strong in my faith.

Help me so I’ll never take my Deen and its rulings lightly.

I want to always remember that I’m going there to fulfill my responsibility towards my Deen, my country and family. So Allah, guide me please. I’m going there for You so shower me with Your blessings. Release me from any worldly intentions. I’m going there to learn medicine and human because of You so help me be a better muslim for this ummah.

On the authority of Omar bin Al-Khattab, who said : I heard the messenger of Allah salla Allahu alihi wa sallam say :

“Actions are but by intention and every man shall have but that which he intended. Thus he whose migration was for Allah and His messenger, his migration was for Allah and His messenger, and he whose migration was to achieve some worldly benefit or to take some woman in marriage, his migration was for that for which he migrated.”

(related by Bukhari and Muslim)

Send me people who’ll always remind me of You and help me remind them of You.

Make me a true friend for those I’m going there with and bless them too.

I know I’ll not forget my family. But I promise to not make “busy” as an excuse to not call them and tell them that I haven’t forgotten them everyday. To always know what’s going on in their lives because my life is tangled with theirs. To let them know I love them and shall love them always for the rest of my life.

I know I’ll never forget my best friends but I also wanna promise to stay in contact with them. To let them know every once in a while, that once they’ve entered my life – there’s no turning back.

I shall never forget my brothers and sisters who are facing terrible things now (in Gaza, Syria etc). I shall remember that they’re part of me. I shall not forget that I will be asked too on what I did for them, for our Deen that they’re fighting for. And so, no matter where I go – they shall be in my prayers. I have to actively take part in helping them in all ways within my capability.

I know that as a muslim who thinks she cares about Gaza and Syria, there’s more in my responsibility-bucket. Being a better muslim in all aspects, help me to it Allah.

I’m scared because I always am. But I do things I fear ‘cause I know You’re near.

Please help me stay in Your path.

And you, the one reading this post.. please make doa for me. May Allah bless you too.

Aziza Aini
0125am, 11/08/14


Salam alayk.

So last weekend, I spent my Ramadhan at UM (university of malaya) for a program organized by Intelek called WOW! (it’s basically a camp to prepare you for the new place you’ll be going to/overseas). And guess what, I’m feeling more unprepared than ever now. Well, the more you learn the more you realize that there’re more things you don’t know, ayte!

But I know one thing for sure, I’m forever in debt to the committee and all those involved in organizing it. I had aims and expectations for the program and they certainly fulfilled what I ‘craved’ more than I wished.

Here are the things I’ve “collected” from my time there. They’re in Malay by the way since I’ve little time and simply (and quickly) typed them back from my note book. Apologies for the mix of Malay and English.



Slot Wisewords 1: ‘Izzah Seorang Muslim –Ustaz Ridhauddin 9.00am 12/07/2014

Ustaz Ridha (bekas pensyarah INTEC)

Seronok jumpa ustaz lepas 3 tahun tak jumpa (kali terakhir jumpa masa di INTEC). Dan ustaz, macam biasa tak pernah sia-siakan expectations kita.

1) ‘Izzah ialah kemuliaan. Nak definisikan ‘izzah lebih mudah daripada nak terangkan tentang Muslim yang sebenar.

2) Jangan jadi pemisah keilmuan dalam Islam : kata tak belajar agama, tak ambil kos agama maka wajarlah tak tahu agama. Salah weih. Jangan dikotomikan ilmu yang ada. Tiada dikotomi bagai semasa zaman keagungan Islam. Sebab tu Islam naik pada masa itu.

3) Jangan kita faham agama daripada konteks yang ustaz-ustaz faham sahaja. Kembangkan (expand) agama daripada sudut pembelajaran kita.

4) You don’t have to be a pro in everything but at least, make an effort to know about everything.

5) Umar Al-Khattab, “Kami merupakan kaum yang Allah muliakan kami hanya dengan Islam”. Tak terbina sesuatu dengan penampilan seseorang (semata-mata) tetapi dengan nilai seseorang itu. Ustaz ceritakan kisah cikgu Azmi bin Abdul Hamid (presiden MAPIM) yang berpenampilan sangat sederhana tetapi kerana prinsip dan nilai beliau, beliau sangat dihormati sampai di peringkat antarabangsa dan mampu membawa perubahan. Klik sini untuk baca tentang cikgu Azmi.

6) Kenapa Allah marah sangat dengan bangsa Yahudi? Kerana.. Allah murka kepada sifat dominan bangsa Yahudi.
Sifat2 dominan bangsa Yahudi:
1. Membunuh para nabi.
2. Kuat menipu.
3. Hanya setuju dengan perkara yang selari dengan bangsa mereka (walaupun tiada hujah). Ustaz berikan contoh kisah seorang Yahudi bernama Abdullah ibn Salim yang telah memeluk Islam. Untuk menjelaskan sifat orang Yahudi, beliau telah menyuruh Nabi s.a.w mengumpulkan pemimpin-pemimpin Yahudi dan (meminta Nabi) bertanyakan pendapat mereka tentangnya (Abdullah ibn Salim). Maka mereka pun menceritakan segala kebaikan dan memuji2 Abdullah ibn Salim (mereka bercakap benar tentang sifat beliau). Kemudiannya, beliau keluar daripada persembunyian dan mengucap dua kalimah syahadah (mengumumkan yang beliau masuk Islam). Mereka kemudian mula mencelanya pula (memberitahu cerita tidak benar tentang beliau) kepada Nabi s.a.w.
4. Kuat berhelah/beralasan.

7) Sifat2 Muslim yang tidak Islamik?
1. Menipu (2: 8-10)
2. Oportunis (2: 13-14)
3. Berpura2 (2: 76)
4. Berperangai Yahudi (5: 41). Cek balik, apa betul tiada sifat Yahudi dalam diri?

8) Sifat Muslim yang Islamik?
1. Membenarkan agama (3: 84)
2. Menepati janji (5: 1)
3. Tegas (48: 29)
4. Kuat ‘ibadah (48: 29)
5. Rahmah (48: 29)
6. Berjuang/buat kerja (3: 110) – Sekarang (usia muda sekarang) kita nak buat apa ja?:upgrade nilai agama- tawaduk, sedekah, rendahkan ego dsb.

9) Buku-buku yang disarankan:
1. Ruginya Dunia dengan Mundurnya Orang Islam.


Slot Wisewords 2: How to Train a Dragon – Ustaz Syaari Abdul Rahman 12pm 12/07/2014

Asasnya, kita semua ada ‘naga’ dalam diri kita. Macam mana nak keluarkannya (to unleash your inner dragon)?
Mulanya ingat nak kongsi apa yang saya salin saja, tapi rupanya ustaz sendiri dah kongsikan di Facebook dengan sangat terperinci. Makanya, saya ‘copy paste’ sahaja apa yang ustaz tulis:

FB Syaari Ab Rahman July 12: Berkongsi 5 tips membangkitkan “sleeping dragon” dalam diri bakal mahasiswa mahasiswi overseas.
1. Percaya bahawa “sibuk dengan rutin” adalah pisau pembunuh potensi tanpa disedari (saya berkongsi cerita saya dahulu menjadi juara pertandingan mencipta dialog lucu, berbalas pantun, pendidikan seni, pentomen ulik mayang diulik semasa sekolah rendah dahulu, namun kini semua itu sudah ‘bungkus’)As Emerson put it, “We’re always getting ready to live but we never truly live.” These days, we find ourselves doing too much and living too little.2. Seminggu sekali, dapatkan kawan baik yang berbeza, minta pendapat mereka tentang sikap baik yang ada pada diri anda. Meremehkan kelebihan yang wujud pada diri anda bererti menggali perlahan-lahan lubang kubur ‘naga’ anda. Kadang-kadang kita tidak sedari rupanya kita adalah seorang “pendengar yang baik” sedangkan kita tidak pernah pun membaca atau mendengar mengenai kemahiran itu. Rupanya ia ‘common sense‘ yang wujud dalam diri kita mungkin kerana pengaruh sikap yang sama pada ibu dan ayah kita.

3. Punyai sistem kepercayaan dalam minda (mindset) yang positif pada apapun musibah yang menimpa, there is no failures, only success delayed.

“Life and leadership can be seen as laboratories of development, and some of the greatest chances for each of us to learn and grow come when times are hardest and conditions are most uncertain.” – Robert K Cooper

4. Wujudkan personal vision statement (niat “ihram” sebelum ke overseas) supaya kita boleh mendefinisikan “dragon” yang mahu kita FOKUS dan jinakkan secara seimbang (P.I.E.S). Pincang salah satu, ‘kemalangan’ akan berlaku di luar negara lagi.

“In every field and discipline those who make the biggest difference are FOCUSING on excelling, not competing, and using areas of human intelligence that most others don’t access.” – Robert K. Cooper

5. Wujudkan suasana dengan menyemak gambar apa tertampal di bilik, buku apa di atas rak, kawan apa yang sering bersembang, lokasi mana sering dituju dan berlakukah polisi ‘appreciation and punishment’ setiap kali kita melakukan kerja membabitkan “dragon” kita (ambil hikmah faktor “syaitan ditambat” dan faktor “Lailatul Qadar” sebagai external faktor manusia berubah di bulan Ramadhan)

“My grandfather believed in the old saying that we use only about 10 percent of our potential brainpower and human capacity in the course of a lifetime. “What about the rest of it?” he wondered. That’s why he started me on a search for what we called “the other 90 percent.” It would have been a kick for him to learn that a few years ago the old wisdom got revised: Studies now indicate that we use not one-tenth but one ten-thousandth of our capabilities (that’s .01 percent)!” – Robert K Cooper, “Unleash The Other 90%”

Buku-buku yang disarankan:
1. Unleash The Other 90% – Robert K. Cooper
2. Why Right Brainers Will Rule The Future


Slot bersama Wakil Universiti (University of Liverpool – Haris Said).

1) Lebih baik beli siap-siap: alat tulis/buku nota/test pad/ikan bilis/rempah kurma/ubat-ubatan/hand cream
2) Boleh join facebook group Nusantara Liverpool atau ke website mereka mscliverpool.org
3) Rakyat Liverpool ada loghat mereka yang agak sukar difahami khabarnya. Maka, boleh lah mula belajar accent/dialek mereka yang dipanggil Scouse.
4) Tarikh fly sila lah maklumkan pada senior-senior di sana terlebih dahulu, kalau rajin mereka akan datang ambil di airport.
5) Kalau yang tiada rumah lagi (lelaki terutamanya), sila berhubung dengan mereka. Memang ada pihak yang akan carikan rumah untuk junior.


Ohana Circle 10pm 12/07/2014 (Sesi bersama faci)

Al-Hujuraat 7-12.

Ciri-ciri Bughoh (orang yang zalim):

1) Menentang pemerintah yang adil.
2) Menentang secara kekerasan.
3) Berniat melakukan jenayah.


Slot WAR: Fiqh of Travellers 9am 13/07/2014 (bersama faci)

Station 1: Food
Be aware of the E-codes. Tahu kod mana untuk benda-benda halal/haram. (app: Additif Halal Lite)

Kalau ada whey powder / vanilla – tak boleh.

Kalau ditulis sesuai untuk vegetarian dan ada wheat powder/vanilla – boleh sebab ini menunjukkan yang whey powder/vanilla tersebut adalah daripada sumber tumbuh-tumbuhan.

Capsule (ubat2an) – syubhah melainkan boleh pastikan ia daripada sumber halal.

Suitable for vegetarian tetapi ada wine – tak boleh.

Circumin (red coloring from insects) – tak boleh.

Gelatin – Syubhah

Station 2: Boycott! Let’s put pressure on Israel.


Station 3: Isu Jamak Solat.

Because I believe that my sentences are too weird (that I only can understand them) and might confuse some people, I choose to not write ‘em out. Please think of the sooo many questions about this issue and refer to your religious teachers/relevant books and improve your knowledge on this. Or, once you’ve settled overseas, go and ask your seniors.

Nasihat senior: Kalau solat di tempat awam, jangan semua solat sekali. Pastikan ada yang jaga kawasan tersebut. Boleh jawab soalan orang yang datang bertanya atau sekuriti dsb.

Station 4: Khuf (macam kasut/sarung kaki. Mengikut Mazhab Syafie ia mestilah dibuat daripada kulit).

Syarat2 khuf:
1) Sebelum pakai, mesti berwuduk dengan sempurna
2) Khuf kena bersih, menutup hujung kaki ke buku lali.
3) Khuf kukuh.
4) Khuf kena sempurna (tak koyak, misalnya).
5) Khuf dibuat daripada bahan yang suci.

Cara-cara menggunakan khuf boleh lah tanya ustaz-ustaz di kawasan berdekatan atau cari buku yang berkaitan.

Station 5: Solat dalam kenderaan.

Station 6: Waktu solat berbeza mengikut masjid/apps dalam fon.

Nasihat senior:

1) Kalau di tempat kita bermastautin (rumah di overseas): ikut jadual yang disediakan masjid (pilih satu masjid yang nak ikut).
2) Kalau bermusafir (travel): guna apps fon seperti Muslim Pro atau Islamic Finder.

Station 7: Kiblat

Ada apps untuk menentukan arah kiblat. Kalau nak tepat, cari arah utara dan ‘google’ darjah arah kiblat daripada kawasan tersebut. Pastu, tentukan arah kiblat sendiri.

Darjah kiblat ada kemungkinan untuk berubah beberapa darjah over time atas sebab2 semulajadi. Kalau mengikut mazhab Hanafi, ada kelonggaran dalam bab darjah arah kiblat sehingga 45o.


Slot Wisewords 3: Fiqh of Travellers – Ustaz Nushi 11.13am 13/07/2014

Berasal daripada tanah (asalnya Nabi Adam dan kita keturunannya maka asal kita adalah tanah juga).
Berasal daripada air mani.
Berasal daripada syurga (kerana asalnya datang Nabi Adam daripada syurga).

Maka pergi mana sekalipun, bersikaplah yang melambangkan asal-usul kita.( merendah diri kepada Allah dan sesame manusia dan bersifat dengan sifat2 ahli syurga)

1) Kita boleh menjamakkan solat (Zohor dan Asar) atas alasan misalnya waktu Zohor yang pendek dan overlap dengan kelas yang tak dapat dielakkan atau sesi di OT (bagi pelajar perubatan) dsb. Tetapi tidak boleh qasar (solat tidak boleh dipendekkan).

2) Sekiranya kita setelah menjamakkan solat tiba-tiba kelas dibatalkan, maka kita mestilah solat semula seperti biasa (I’adah).

3) Ada yang bertanya sekiranya waktu solat sangat hampir (contoh: maghrib 9.30pm, Isyak: 11.30pm dan Subuh 2.30am), boleh tak jamakkan sahaja maghrib dan isyak? Hal ini kerana kata senior, ada kes yang sentiasa terlepas waktu Isyak kerana tertidur. Kata ustaz, yang lebih diutamakan ialah solat sahaja pada waktunya.

4) Sekiranya bermusafir dan telah berusaha mencari kiblat yang betul (tanya orang yang tahu atau guna apps dsb), yakinlah dan solat. Sekiranya kawan yang lain tiba-tiba tahu arah kiblat yang sebenar adalah lain daripada kawan yang sedang solat, pegang bahu kawan perlahan-lahan dan pusingkannya menghadap kiblat yang betul. Sekiranya hanya setelah selesai solat baru tahu arah kiblat tadi salah, boleh pilih untuk solat semula atau tidak.

5) Solat atas kenderaan. Kalau naik kapal terbang, boleh tanya pramugari arah kiblat (ikut jenis airline). Kalau dah ikhtiar, tapi tak tahu juga solat sahaja. Kalau naik keretapi, sebelum naik cari arah kiblat. Kemudian solat duduk (kalau tiada tempat untuk solat seperti biasa) menghadap kiblat tadi sehingga selesai. Tak perlu tukar kedudukan walaupun keretapi tadi dah bergerak/pusing/dsb.

6) Adakah daging yang disembelih oleh golongan Yahudi halal? Persoalannya, adakah Yahudi sekarang masih dikira ahli kitab? Maka, kalau boleh sila elak.


Slot Wisewords 4: Mukmin Cemerlang Prof. Mohd Hamdi Abd Shukor (Deputy VC of UM)

Cerita daripada Prof. Hamdi sangat inspiring.

Kita mestilah sentiasa berusaha untuk cemerlang akademik kalau mahu membuat perubahan. Tiada yang nak dengar kata kita kalau tiada kredibiliti. Mukmin cemerlang adalah yang cemerlang dan aktif. Buat kerja bersungguh-sungguh, jadi leader yang mantap, bijak dan mampu membuat keputusan on-the-spot dan peliharalah agama.

Tugas kita:
1) Excel academically.
2) Develop yourselves.
3) Build a correct paradigm.
4) Jadi muslim soleh lagi musleh.

Be somebody.


Setakat ini sahaja lah ya. Wallahu’alam.

ps: Kalau yang tengah baca ni ada yang pergi WOW juga atau pun rasa ada yang boleh tambah atau rasa saya ada tulis yang salah, mohon komen dan betulkan.

The Definition of IMU.

My first experience staying away from family was at INTEC 5 years ago where I met an amazing girl that I quickly “clicked” with. She was so perfect, I don’t think I can list even one bad thing about her. So when we separated as we took different paths after INTEC, I wonder if anyone else can bear with my long list of imperfections like she did. Will they not be mad and gently talk to me whenever I do something unacceptable like she always do? Yes, I worry about things like that a lot.

I never had so much contact with friends so I’m kinda socially awkward (haha, but not too bad I think), I don’t understand normal social cues and some of my comments can be a bit too frank and insensitive.

Then, I met these people. But they’re different. They’re not like her.

As I get into IMU, the one thing that comes to my mind when you say IMU is endless hours of studying.

My gang.

My gang.

Poja’s from Kedah and we speak in our slang together and I totally love that. I can’t explain why, but I feel very comfortable when I’m with her. I think I’m kinda attached to her. In my family, besides my youngest sister – everyone else are very reserved. We know we love each other a lot but we rarely say it out loud. But here, with  Poja – I’m more expressive. Probably a bit too expressive. I tell her everything – erm, almost everything?

Moving away will hurt so much, I know. I’ve been to Alor Setar for a couple of times during our breaks and she (despite enjoying shopping) brought me to museums! We went to the National Museum once and spent like, hours there. Museum! How sweet is that? Probably she’ll do the same for everyone else, but I like to think that I’m special. We sync a lot! We have so much in common and so many differences at the same time. Hah. She’s my best friend.
At first, I wonder if she thinks of me the same way – does she appreciate me as just another friend or her bessstttt friend? But then I realized that it doesn’t matter. Because I love her lillahi ta’ala. I remember her in my prayers. I pray so Allah protects her from wrong decisions and sinful acts. So she’ll find her perfect man and I’ll find mine and we can have family vacations together. I hope she doesn’t find my “overattached-ness” annoying though. I don’t need her to survive, I’m an independent lady (I’m convinced that I am haha) but I want her to be with me. My life’s better with her in it..
Okayy, this sounds a bit too cheesy LOL

Then there’s Izat (not her real name). Both of us have like soooo much in common, I’m scared she might like ‘my guy’! Haha kidding Jatt! I get scolded a lot. I guess, I’m the only one who gets scolded openly in this house – never saw it happening to anyone else. I use to comment that her mood swings are pretty scary and unpredictable. Where she goes quiet suddenly and talkative the next moment. To be able to detect that makes me feel special! To be able to talk to her about everything makes me happy. That we had numerous debates over everything make me love her presence more. How she once called me from my (faraway) room just to switch on her room’s light!  How she’d come to my room and talk random stuff just because she’s sleepy and end up sleeping on my bed. How she’d say she misses my singing when no one else will admit anything good about my voice – haha. How she was so dumbfounded trying to do the right thing when I cry ’cause I think I screwed my exams. She’s an amazing person. Amazing.

They say she doesn’t talk much, studies all the time and is always serious. She talks a lot, we technically “fight” to talk. And to say she’s always serious? – you kidding me?. I’ll miss her sooo much. I hope she gets lots of babies soon so I can spoil them and buy lots of teddybears ’cause they’ll surely love it (just like their weird mom)!

Amy comments really frankly about my bad habits. She is that one person who condemns my cooking (nicely) when I first started. Uh, come on, I never really cooked at home. Now, suddenly you expect me to cook like I’ve been doing it for years, mana boleh! At first, I thought she’s really weird. She de-stresses with cooking! Who does that?! I dread cooking and openly show that (kinda mean, I know). But I really enjoy their cooking and so, got no choice leh but to cook myself. I dread the days when I have to cook and that’s the most common prank they’d pull on me after a long exhausting day at school.

“Aziz, kau masak harini!”

And I’ll go..

Now, that I’m starting to count the days I have left with them, I think I’m starting to love cooking. I think I’ll love cooking more and more as I miss her more and more. I really appreciate you Amy!

Liyana is.. composed. Always. How she keeps her head straight when things get so messed up is really something. She’s like – the perfect wife. At least, from my point of view. You know how people get really selfish as exams get nearer. You just wanna finish all those things you have to cover and you definitely do not want others bothering you. But Liyana, she’s different, she was always willing to explain stuff to me patiently whenever I go to her (even though she’s studying something else then). Okay, now I look bad – for disturbing her study time. Sowwyy Yana!

Anis. So she’s a bit reserved. I’ve never really talked to her at INTEC (our college). I think she looks a bit too ‘garang’, I’m scared of ‘garang’ people and I trust my instincts a bit too much. Despite staying in the same house for 2 years, we never really had a lot of one-to-one conversations. When I was posted to Batu Pahat (for my hospital posting) and ended up in the same room with her – that was when I realized how special she is to me. After all, she’s gonna stay with my best friend for the next three years!



The few things that brings us together is food (and our lovely kitchen), cabbage and our love for drama. All of us are drama queens, we give exaggerated responses all the time. So yeah, it’s okay that I chose debate club over drama club ‘cuz I have an ongoing show for 2.5 years!

They claim that I tend to nag at times. Well, that’s because I care about you people. When I stop nagging, you should know that I stopped caring. It’s my responsibility as a friend.. I think.

I don’t mind if they forget my birthdays after this or not call me as often after some time or completely forget me. All I pray for is for Allah to guide them all the way as they seek His blessings (mardhatillah). I pray they become the best muslimah doctors ever and I’ll stand from afar thinking that these people once stayed with me and are forever my friends. I pray they live their lives to the fullest and never forget our main purpose in life as a Muslim. And of course, for their time here to end in a perfectly beautiful way (husnul khotimah).

And it’s true what Céline said in Before Sunset
“You can never replace anyone because everyone is made up of such beautiful specific details.” 

So if you ask me now what comes to my mind when you say IMU. I’d say – these 5 people.  (plus another 8)