Stories at INTEC : the THE-END part.

Alhamdulillah. i finished my final paper last wednesday. :)

  • I did my best. I worked as hard as i could have. Erm, maybe i did waste some time watching dramas in between my study schedule. But, i did what was within my capability. No regrets. No point even if i have any, anyway.
  • Despite all, when i turn around and look at my friends who hadeverything stuffed into their brain, my fear grows. And is growing, still. You <em>might know how it feels when you think you haven’t done enough,or maybe you should have worked as hard or harder than these people? But then, i.. *slap-hard-on-the-face* … =_=”
  • hate the times when i really wanna express something but can’t find the right words!!
  • Well, i know, i should not be thinking about how the future would be, ’cause i have NO knowledge about ’em, AT ALL. And that the “what if’s..” are so detrimental. We know who holds the future, therefore to Him only we lie down our hopes. :)
  • You know what? When i think of whatever the results can be like, and of all the ways i can react to all the possible outcomes, i find some peace.
  • You know how? Because i have always believed that everything happens for a reason. And no matter what happens, it;s how you react to ’em that matters most. You decide on that. And it needs practice, yeah. Like.. TOTALLY!
    *i might look/sound like i’m a super-duper-strong-iron-hearted-person,but no.But you can expect me to be a cool person :))*
  • I find strength from people/things around me. Allah created tonnes of things that can inspire me everyday, every second of my life.
  • I think writing in my blog is kinda cool *bajet +random*  . When i first started this new blog i decided to write on a serious mode. But. ehem. Formality does-not-equals-to me! I’m still working on it though. =)
  • Okay, back to the main point. Where was i? ^_^”? Oh ya, the practice part. Hurm. You see, when we believe that Allah knows, Allah’s don’t fear anything else. You must tell yourself to be ready to face any outcome. Prepare how the day you get results would be like. How would you react if it turns out to be like this, and how about the other way round?
  • I believe i should be preparing myself for that day so i can see the bright side of everything whether it is hard time or a good one. I really do not want to lose my self and succumb into an infinite despair OR be filled with excessive vanity or unwarranted pride. I want to be able to realise that it IS all from Allah.
  • If we pass with flying colours *ameen!*, there can be a few reasons for it;
    -Allah swt bless us with His endless ni’mah
    -Allah swt wants to test us with good times
    -it’s a form of istidraj. Makes people forget their lowly origin.
    ~Rasullulah (SAW) said: “When Allah (SWT) intends to finish off a termite, He would make that insect flies with its wings.” (Kitab NasaibulIbad) ~ *why this hadith?check out more here!*
  • Hopefully, if we are to succeed *inshaAllah*, it would be something that will bring us much much much closer to Allah SWT. Will make us much much more humble than ever. Make us realise to a point that we cry when we realise that afterall we are NOTHING without Allah’s mercy. Make us forever and ever be in total dependence on Allah.
  • Know that we are weak and filled with flaws.
  • [Surah Al-Maarij] Verily man was created, very impatient (19) Irritable (discontented) when evil touches him; (20) And niggardly when good touches him;(21)
    *for more translation of ayats’ from the Quran, click here*
  • And actually, the REAL test is when the trials are over. Will we still be turning to Allah as much as we did during the trials? Will we forget all those times we feel connected to our Khaliq?
    “”Imam Ibn al-Qayyim (rahimahullah) says something incredibly profound and beautiful in his book – Madaarij-us-Saalikeen. He says:Sometimes, I have a certain need (that I wish to ask) Allâh, so I ask Him earnestly. Then, I find that the door of dialogue opens up for me, and I recognize Allâh more (I become more aware of Him), and feel humbled before Him, and feel a great sense of joy & happiness, due to which I prefer that the answer to my prayer be delayed, so that this joyous state may continue. *click here* “”
  • Now.. Time for memories!

    December 2011 : We made a simple 'nasi goreng' that i started to think "maybe i love cooking afterall" LOL
  • Bought this for RM12! at Petronas. Bapak mahal. Only know its price at the counter. Plus, i really really wanted to try 'em.
    Thanks to my housemates who put in some money for the cake that i can feel its worthiness till today.
    Pizza ~ the night we finished our final paper. :) It;s a pity that Izzati could not join us. Would be filled with much weird laughter. haha=D
    my short + cute study table
    my Jacob's *biscuit* tin with motivational quotes.
    was doing past years. i guess
    A-Level's exam schedule.
    Izzati's locker. As long as i can paste my notes!
    My wall. organic chemistry, ouh.
    My books. Will be distributing *sell* after the results are out, inshaAllah.

    That’s all i guess, for now. Shall see you soon, in my next post. If you are new here, please leave some comments on the ABOUT ME page. Maybe some form of identification? So i can go and visit your site, inshaAllah :))

    Ma’as Salamah!


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