Call for help!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. :)

How is everyone doing? I’ve been trying to post something here since few hours ago, but pfft. The internet was so slow that, masyaAllah, i might have finish counting the stars! *lie* Now, it is okay, but thing is, i need my sleep already now.

The above paragraph was written yesterday. Yes, right after saying i was sleepy i chose to stop, did some other things though. I wish i had more exciting and adventurous stories to tell, but yeah, not now i guess. Got none.

Anyway, i need your help. :)

It’s my 2nd sister (the fourth one in family), who went to a boarding school in Perlis this year. The first one in our family to do so. Going to a boarding school seems like such a weird thing to me until, she made the move. Well, talking about her, she’s small. Very small? She’s the type that does not talk much, soft-hearted, cries easily, sensitive, and yeah, you can guess the rest. So, thing is, the other day, she was scolded by a senior. ops. It’s normal i guess for boarding-school-ians, but not for her. She cried. And now, that’s normal. I believe that one day she’ll get used to it, be a stronger person. Way stronger than i could have been. Still, i’m worried.

As i’ll be going back home for a week, i’m planning something for her. And here’s where i need your help. I’m preparing a small note book with motivational wordings/quotes for her. Some are from famous motivational speakers and public figures, some are from the Quran. Haven’t finish though.

I have lots of verses from the Quran that truly speaks when i’m down. And i believe you too have your own verses which when you remember them, they bring you to Allah and strengthen you back every time you experience the free fall :) . Quran is a mu’jizat and we all know that. So, please share a verse/more from the Quran or any hadith or normal quotes that inspires you and how they inspire you so i could include them in the note book i’m preparing for my sis.

Thanks in advance!


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