Been here in IMU for almost 5 weeks already now. I’m scared. Nervous. Palpitating (haha). It’s just too fast. We’ve finished our Biochem lectures and will be moving on to Anatomy next week. Truth is, i’m way behind on revising the lectures. I focused more on some and the others got abandoned! And the seniors’ advice? Study the lecture notes before and after class. I’m not doing that. That’s sad and pathetic. I’m hoping going to finish all that i haven’t covered yet, inshaAllah this weekend and am gonna start a bit on next week’s lectures. Please make dua so i stay true my vows!

Allah gave me the chance to be here, though i doubt i deserved it. The moment i was on the train on my journey to Intec to get my A Level results, i was just praying so that at least i get the chance to do medicine somewhere else. But, MasyaAllah, He gave more, way more than what i wished for.

I only hope that what i get, will not make me walk further from Allah. Being a medic student means you gotta be strong. Mentally, physically and SPIRITUALLY. My strength is solely from Allah. I must do this well. I must do this for Allah, for Islam. This responsibility is huge and heavy. With the scholarship i received, I’ve denied the right of 10 other Malaysians to do their degree locally. The taxpayers money should not go down the drain. I must study hard and serve my people, my country, the taxpayers, the needy and … all. This fact kinda make me feel something in my stomach. erk. butterflies?

So, about IMU. It’s cool. And cold. There’re so many events, lots of projects, community services etc etc. People here are so nice. So helping. oh, i just don’t know describe these things.

And I just come to realised the fact that i’m so out of the fashion league. Most students wear cool stuff here, lucky people don’t get kicked out just because they don’t wear cool dresses.

I want to get good results, go to PMS, graduate with distinction, get placement at a cool government hospital and work happily. Please pray for me. :)



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