Charity Home Visit

Assalamualaikum and hi people!

We were preparing for this charity visit for weeks. Had to organize a fund-raising event first. My cool group-mates managed to raise rm1000+. Kudos to all of them! I didn’t really join them at the booth, it was crowded and i guess they had enough people. I was not feeling very well (not that i was sick or what) and chose not to join the crowd there. So sorry guys. :(

I really want to know them better since i only went for certain activities during the orientation week (since some were not suitable for muslims, this is my personal opinion ya) and so can’t blame anyone if they don’t remember me.

Anyway, the visit – I couldn’t really communicate with the old folks there as they don’t speak malay or english, that was unfortunate.  But i kinda get to know my group-mates more. that’s the plus point. :)

and Yess, they’re cool!

Oh ya, the group photo – my favourite part! Thanks to Vic (the leader) and all! :)




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