Super Medical Student?

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

MSOC brings you,

SUPER MEDICAL STUDENT SEMINAR, in a muslim’s perspective !

InsyaAllah will be conducted on 19 May 2012, by amazing speakers, Imam Muda Asyraf from Astro Imam Muda Programme, and Dr. Adnan Omar, head of counselling and psychological services from Taylor’s University. There will also be a meaningful sharing session by Aqsa Syarif Malaysia in between these wonderful talks.

Register now while the seats are still available!

For more info, visit

To those who are still in IMU,feel free to register through your batch reps:

Sem 1 – Aziza Aini (me)
Sem 2 – Naseeha Ubaidi Hishamudin
Sem 3 – Ecah Ismail
Sem 4 – Intan Nur Hadilah

Nutrition & Dietetics, Chiropractic – Salmi Fatirah

MPharm – Nur Afiqah Rahasnan

Bpharm –
Sem 2 – Aina Diana
Sem 4 – Safwah Omar

And one more;

“Come participate and contribute to this project;

ONE FAMILY ONE LAMP, sponsor one solar light to one family in Gaza! To light up homes, save lives and bring smiles to Gaza.”  ~kak Ijj’lal~ :)

That’s all for now.

Fi Amanillah ~


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