I Can. ?

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

Hi all. *let me just imagine like i have tonnes of followers, okay?*

Practically, now i’m worrying about quite a number of things and so, can’t really sit and write on all the topics i plan to write on. It had been weeks, yes i know. Still, what i can do? (okay, i have a choice and actually, if i really want to – surely i can. BUT.. One of my excuses is – I’m exhausted!).

I have yet to finish my assignment on Mitochondrial Disease which was given by the lecturer like years ago (not really). I understand what i should write on but the problem is, i just dont know where to find the answers. I mean, of course they gave us some websites to refer to but still, it’s like A LOT and confusing. And when i google it out, i get overwhelmed by the abundance of information. [!!] My fault for procrastinating. Thank God i still have like few more weeks.  (note : i’ve been reading on it since months ago.)

PBL (problem based learning) sessions are getting exciting every week. But this time, i can’t really stand the topic (abortion). Especially when i read about the methods of abortions. ouh. It’s awful!  i’ll never agree with abortion..! (note : i felt like throwing up twice!)

Formative Assessment 2 will be on the 29th of June. And I’m not sure i’m REALLY preparing myself for that just yet! Oh. And i’m blogging! Medicine is overwhelming. =.=

Anyway, i joined the debate club. (yeay!! ?) I know i’m busy but i need to train myself to have the guts to speak in public (i think) so i decided to join the club. And i get more things on my plate (to read). . ! Yeay!

I have like more than 20 tabs in my google chrome window. Must finish reading by tonight! Maybe i’ll have to choose based on my priorities so it’ll be a little less than it seems.


I believe i can do this. I can. I know. Allah’s near. Always is. Bismillah.

I’ll report here on how i progress, insyaAllah. So i can see that i really can. *need that motivation now.*

Bye! Ma’as Salamah..




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