It was already 1.40pm and I still havent found a SP (simulated patient) to replace the junior who was supposed to be our SP. He had a class that was brought forward on the eleventh hour.

It was a nice evening. The environment was calm and soothing, but i was filled with worry. What will happen now? I planned it so nicely, with 2 seniors to teach us and a SP, whom we’ve been trying to get since i don’t know when. Things happen. I can’t deny that. I tried asking my Malay batch mates if they’re free and can join us for our clinical practice session. We never wanted to ask them before, because they’re Malays and they’re our batch mates! It’ll be so awkward to practice on someone you know, isn’t it? But i was desperate, anyone will do just fine. BUT, nope, they all planned to go home (for the Christmas hols) after the Juma’ah prayer. Ugh.

We plan, but Allah’s plan is the best.

I can’t help but to worry though. Still, i went to the Clinical unit with P (my friend/housemate) and left everything to Allah. Already in their white coats, our 2 seniors were at the ATM machine. Quickly, we went to the pigeon hole, slip into our coats with the stethoscope in one of the pockets. Never forget the pen torches! and of course, your A4 papers and the board, to write on.

They were awesome. We were taught us a whole lot of things. From 2-5pm! I felt stupid though, to not being able to answer their questions. Well, at least, i know where i’m lacking. It kinda motivates me to see them being so good at those things they taught us. They can, then why can’t i? I can.

I can.

All i need is to continue the hard work. Or should i say, increase the effort so i get rewarded accordingly?

Anyway, it didn’t go as i planned. But it went well alhamdulillah.


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