Salam Alayk.

Suddenly i thought of penning down something. About how much i love History and why this subject matters to me, from then – during my schooling years up to now. I’m currently in a field that has very little to do with History. But well, as long as i choose to see History in whatever i do, i guess i can still appreciate it?

When i was 14, my history teacher made that subject very easy and intriguing as any subject can get. I hated History during my 1st year in high school and started to love it in my 2nd year. I guess it was because of how much weight those stories carry. The difficult times faced by those who lived during those period & how they faced it. It was very motivating you know, to be there when change happens. More importantly, to be part of the reason the change happened at the first place although you may not be there when it happens.

I used to think or more precisely- dream of how i would teach “my students” History if ever i become a teacher (which may not happen in real life). How hard i would try to make them understand that History is not just ANOTHER subject. It’s something that defines us as a Malaysian, as a Muslim, as a human being – an earthling.

How important it is to not turn to outsiders so easily (like some leaders did before) when there’re some problems in the country (which lead the country to being colonized). As we always hear people saying (it’s a quote actually but i can’t really remember how it goes or by who), we don’t have time to make all mistakes in life and learn from them, so we should learn from others’ mistakes. Making a mistake done before by others is plain stupidness & that is something a person who refuse to learn history does, always.

There are so much things to learn from the past & the stories are just so beautiful. The war, hearing stories from those who have been through it, sounds so painful & frustrating. So, we should prevent it from happening at all. How do we do that? Learn from the mistakes of our forefathers. What decisions they made that lead to the war? What mistakes they made that made it so difficult to win it? What wrong they did that the war was prolonged? Could it have been shorter? How? Why? etc etc..

But if we deny the importance if history, won’t we be repeating the same mistakes they (our forefathers) did and end up in an avoidable situation?

I’m amazed at how much history can tell. It brings you to a time when you never exist. And to experience it, is priceless. I won’t stop figuring out Malaysia’s history ’cause i love my country too much to forget all that ever happened.

I wish i had more time (huh) and can continue writing & refining my post but hurm.. No Time.

So bye now  :)


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