Hospital Posting Part 2.

The first day was horrible. I even REconsidered my dream of working in a government hospital! Yes, that’s my dream. When I accepted the scholarship from JPA, my aim was to serve my people; Malaysians. I loved everything about hospitals since a long time ago. And that first day ALMOST change everything, it was my fault actually – i expected too much BUT it’s just my FIRST day lah!

My second day wasn’t much different anyway. But the 3rd was something! I met a young beautiful house officer who looked like the younger & thinner version of Jothika (a South Indian actress). She was sooo nice. Of course she was busy and all and couldn’t really sit or explain anything to me. But she did let me help her with taking blood which is a REALLY BIG THING for me who’ve only done it on a model arm with syrup as blood!

When the MO came, I started following her, just to observe. She was a really cool person called Dr Shafinaz. It was so fun hanging around with her since she doesn’t just ignore or brush off medical students like me. :) She included us in her discussion with the other HOs, bombarded us with questions and even asked us to guess murmurs!!

Jothika :)

The Department of Internal Medicine comprises of lots of smaller departments (do we call ’em department?); Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Respiratory, and Nephrology (I think I’m missing another one or two). And of all this, I hated endocrinology ’cause I met with a stuck up doctor there, didn’t really gain much from Respiratory maybe ’cause i went at the wrong time, feared to enter the Nephro ward ’cause they have just too many HOs, completely forgot about Gastroenterology, didn’t bother to stop at Neurology since we haven’t learn it yet and ended up spending most of my time at Cardio – I LOVE CARDIO!! Perhaps it’s because it met lots of awesome people there!

I even tried to practice my communication skills on the patients there (learnt from ER, mind you. :D) while taking history and doing physical examination. It did work!

On one Sunday (yup, we even went to the hospital on weekends coz it’s so fun. This opinion may only last while I’m a student but I pray it lasts forever ;D), I met a malay HO who graduated from Russia. She thought she MUST teach us so it was fun ’cause she did lots of explaining. I know Allah will reward her immensely for her kindness. :)

We (me and my partner, Mastura) even made it to the room where they do angioplasty/angiogram/COROS and we met two awesome doctors; Dr Saravanan & Dr Khong – both cardiologists. You know, when people say the more you know, the more you would like to share – they ain’t lying! The two doctors shared loads of info with us; medically relevant stuffs and some personal life tips. If talking with those who love their job is not cool, then you definitely don’t know the meaning of cool!

Following morning ward rounds were not very fruitful as far as I’m concerned. LOL. The specialists are too busy and they’re trying hard to finish it fast. They talk really softly with each other so I can’t really listen. But I did learn something from the way they interacted with patients ~ they were soo sweet!

Last Tuesday (10/9/2013), Mas and I went to the Cardiothoracic department & requested to join a surgery and guess what! – the doctor gave us the green light without much questioning! So we entered the OT (Operation Theater) the next day and watched a mitral valve replacement surgery – LIVE! I was excited at first but I guess surgery is not my thing. Or maybe it’s because the doctor was kinda discouraging (though he is awesome as a surgeon), or I hate standing at one spot for long hours, or ’cause I can’t see the heart or whatever was done with it from where I was standing, or because the OT was too cold (I was shivering in there!). I’m just not sure but what I know right now is that I didn’t really enjoy my time there. :)

On Saturday, we went to explore the Maternity Hospital (Hospital Bersalin) relying on the courage Mas has. I’m definitely not the kind of person who is dare enough to do things against the rules, at least not alone. hihi. You see, we’re only allowed to go wander at the department we were posted to. So, I was hesitant at first but I wanted the experience nevertheless. I’m all in when it comes to new adventures & experiences but I hate breaking rules ’cause they give me chest pain! So.. we met the Head Nurse there, did some explanation (Mas did the most part of it) & we’re in. We met a new HO friend there, Dr Vinodh who was nice enough to explain to us about the spontaneous vaginal delivery that was taking place then. The baby wasn’t moving  when she came out& didn’t even cry like they always do in the movies! I was nervous for a moment there. The baby was then brought to the radiant warmer in the labor room where she was ‘hit’ (quite hard you know) and the Apgar test was done. Later after the baby was cleaned (not bathed okay. Normally, they will be bathed only after 24 hours), she was evaluated for reflexes and any abnormalities by the doctor. The scariest part was when he did the Moro reflex test ! (Google to find out why) Do you know that your very first stool is called meconium!?

the infant radiant warmer

On one of the days, we decided to go to the Dermatology clinic (afterall, I used to love Dermatology when I was a kid) but it’s a bit too strict there. ’cause I’m such a coward and by just looking at the Head Of Department (HOD)’s face [she’s a female & looked so serious] I decided to just go to the Cardio clinic instead. But I didn’t learn much from cardio clinic that day ’cause there were not many patients so I ended up listening to doctors gossiping. I received quite a lot of good advises including one about never ending up being a ‘chronic MO’. But Brave Mas learnt a lot I bet from the Dermatology clinic, after facing the fierce-looking HOD (it wasn’t easy for her okay, so my judgement wasn’t wrong).

We wanted some experience with psychiatric patients at the Psychiatric clinic but we were not that lucky. We did went to the respiratory clinic and had a good discussion regarding a case with a doctor there. I just realized that I forgot almost half the things I’d learnt on TB!

One Wednesday morning(during my second week), I was bored by the cardio ward and so I went to Amy, a friend doing her posting at the A&E department.

And a whole new journey began.

I’ll keep that story for another post. :D

Salam Alayk!


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