Have i had a post with this same title? well, let’s just hope not.

So, i’ve had quite a number of things on my plate now. With the 1st professional exam lurking around the corner and 275 lecture notes (more actually) to finish within 2 months, i think i’m suppose to be dead. But here i am, blogging in the middle of the night with the TV playing a Japanese reality show which i’m not focusing on, PBL* assignments to finish and an aim to finish reading some notes and watch a video for tomorrow’s clinical skills session.

Well yes, i really wish to become a doctor but this whole learning process (which is VERY crucial, yes i’m not denying) is draining me and i definitely know i’m not even giving my best at it. Oh how i wish i love mugging!

Right now i wish i’m actually a full time writer (not that i think i’m REALLY good at it, but i would be in this painting i’m drawing now) and had a book published. In between my busy schedule writing and finishing manuscripts, i would travel to various parts of the world for my book signing events. One of the months of the year,  i would travel to some remote places in Malaysia (or Ethiopia maybe?) and spend time helping people there. Teach the kids and play and play and play with them. Maybe i would have done some fundraising before that so i can help them in terms of the resources they need. I would take amazing photos because i went for more than one photography courses already then. And some days, i will just wake up and randomly decide it’s day off and spend time experimenting coffees at cute/pretty coffee shops (cuz yes, i’m a coffee-addict!). And while it rains outside, i’ll sit comfortably inside the pink-walled shop and sip my coffee slowly as the sweetness & the slight bitterness of it get sensed by my taste buds. And i would be reading a good book which i hate to put away as the rain stops, sip the last drop of coffee and get  knocked into the bitter reality that i’m actually a medical student who needs to study, study and study.

It’s okay, because the time for me to be at a hospital with coffee will come, soon. Stay strong girl!


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