Movie Review: The 5 Best Movies I Watched This Year!

Basically in this post, as the title suggests, I will be presenting you the 5 movies I enjoyed the most this year (according to my own criteria). Most blogs I follow would at least have 1 movie review post and I enjoyed reading their reviews especially when I go “Yes yes! I felt the same way!”, or “No way! You gotta be kidding me..”,  . Finally, I thought “Hey, I should post one too!” and so, here’s mine. This is not a movie review. It’s merely my list of top 5 movies and why they made the cut.

#5 Despicable Me 2 (theme: action, adventure, romance, comedy)

Well, as we all know, DM2 is an animated movie produced as a sequel to Despicable Me and it revolves around the life of Gru (villain-turned-hero) and his 3 adopted kids; Margo, Edith and Agnes (Agnes is too cute!! *die*) and his partner from AVL (Anti-Villain League), Lucy Wilde. Gru gets involved with the AVL to solve a crime and the story is about how Gru and Lucy investigate as spies to find out who the real villain is. The main story-line is simple, not very unexpected and so is the ending. It’s more of the minor details of the movie that made me fell in love and don’t mind watching it over and over again. It’s things like; Gru’s relationship with his daughters *sweetness overload*, the minions (!) and Gru and Lucy’s funny scenes that hooked me up! The dialogues are simply awesome, I couldn’t stop giggling (most of the time)!

#4 Miracle in Cell No 7 (comedy, family)

(the front row) the father & daughter (at the back) the 5 witty inmates

Miracle in Cell No 7 is a Korean movie about a mentally challenged man, Lee Yong-gu (played by Ryu Seung-ryong) and his bright daughter Yea Seoung (played by the cute and very talented Kal So-won). At first, I thought this movie was the Korean version of “i am sam” (and there are the Tamil & Hindi versions of it already) so I didn’t bother to watch. When my housemate kept bugging me about how good it is and that I should SERIOUSLY watch it, I finally sat down and watched. It is not like the normal happy ending stories and despite having the same basic concept as “i am sam”, this movie is definitely not the Korean version of it. At the start of the movie, it was shown that Lee may be different (i’ll just say retard, okay) but he works to support himself and Yea Seoung. Yea Seoung, despite being the one who manages the household, is still like the other normal kids who wants the then popular Sailor moon bag. Lee promised to buy her the bag but the last bag in the store just got sold out. The next day, after receiving his paycheck, Lee was approached by a kid with a yellow Sailor moon bag, telling him that there’s another store selling the very same bag. Lee followed the girl as she leads the way. Suddenly, a woman walks by and saw Lee next to the girl, who’s now lying motionless on the road. She was bleeding from her head and Lee was seen removing her pants! The woman, terrified, quickly called the police and reports him as a rapist. The girl’s father happens to be a police commissioner and for God-knows what reasons, the detectives handling the case chose to falsify the real event and not really investigate what actually happened. As you can already guess now, Lee was actually wrongly accused and is sentenced to death. The main part of the story is actually what happens from the moment he gets into prison, his final trial and if he actually was sentenced to death. In the cell, we also have 5 other inmates who contributes most to the comedy part of the movie while Lee and Yea Seoung give us the sweet heart-wrenching father-daughter relationship drama.  Look, Korean dramas are awesome (the ones I watched lah – ‘cuz the ones that are not, I’ll stop halfway), but their movies are often not. Well, some of you might disagree, but this is what I personally think. This story, unlike the few other Korean movies I watched can be considered a success. The two main characters definitely pulled it off. Their acting was simply awesome. And the 5 other inmates were all purely good actors. Although it’s not something very extraordinary, it is definitely a good watch. Sometimes you just want a movie that’ll bring out your cry-baby side and just enjoy the sweet relationships people share. I’d say it’s better to spend time watching this movie than Oblivion. Park Shin-hye who played the adult Yea Seoung however, did not do justice to her role as a lawyer for her father’s case ‘cuz I definitely couldn’t see what evidences she used to defend Lee or on what basis the court gave its final verdict before the movie ends. We would rather have a strong  Yea Seoung than one who kept weeping throughout the court session. But oh well, perhaps it’s because the main part of the story is about the love shared by Lee and young Yea Seoung that they couldn’t develop Park Shin-hye’s part much.

#3 Monsters University (theme: comedy, friendship, motivational)

Wazowski, Sully & their Oozma Kappa brothers

This year Pixar presents us with MU; the prequel of the famous Monsters Inc. (MI) ! I can still remember vividly watching Monster Inc. with my then roommate, Nabihah (that was when I was in college! Well, it’s not like I’m very old now, I’m still in university anyways). Monsters University is obviously about the two monsters from MI; Mike Wazowski (Mike) and James P. Sullivan (Sully) – and don’t forget Randy. The difference is that this time, the focus is on Wazowski instead of Sully. So, the movie starts by introducing us to the cute little Wazowski on his school field trip to Monsters Inc. He is shown as an outcast when no one wants to partner up with him during the trip, basically no one actually knows him. And there at Monsters Inc, he met a Scarer who inspires him so much that he aims to be a Scarer too one day. He studied really hard and managed to get a place in the Scare Program at Monsters University. He was seen, again, as an outcast and was told times and again that he doesn’t belong there. Sully, on the other hand, was shown as an arrogant monster who comes from a well known family of Scarers and was well respected and accepted. He looks down at Wazowski and Wazowski thinks Sully has nothing but the family-talent he inherits. The most important thing is they hate is each other. Wazowski believes that if you want something real bad, no matter what the odds are, you just have to work hard enough and you’ll achieve it. Unfortunately, with some twist of event, he ended up being dropped out of the program with Sully. He then tries to prove everyone (who doubts his ability to be a Scarer) wrong by entering the Scare Games under the fraternity Oozma Kappa. He lands a deal with the dean who is also the founder of the game,Dean Hardscrabble that if his team wins, the whole team gets back into the program but if they don’t, they will all be expelled from the University! The crux of the story is how they work together despite being teamed up with a bunch of losers (or at least that was how they were initially shown as). It’s kinda interesting to anticipate how Wazowski and Sully will finally become friends so close as they are in Monsters Inc (!) and how Randy became the bad guy (he is Wazowski’s roommate and seems kinda nice). It has a mix of bittersweet friendship, leadership, teamwork, and faith. I don’t actually agree with one of the value they tried to convey, if you’ve watched this movie maybe you can guess it. I can’t really explore it here ‘cuz then I would inevitably expose the biggest chunk of the plot. Well, basically, I just love movies with friendship/teamwork themes – so yes, I LOVE MU!

#2 Now You See Me (theme: caper crime)

“The closer you look, the less you’ll see”

This film features Jesse Eisenberg (I first watched him & Woody Harrelson in Zombieland – not very impressive), Isla Fisher (remember Rebecca from Confessions of a Shopaholic?), Woody Harrelson (he was okay if not better than Jesse in Zombieland) and Dave Franco as four magicians working/performing at 4 different places of the world. Also, we have Mark Ruffalo and Mélanie Laurent as the two agents (he’s from FBI and she’s an Interpol agent) working together on a case revolving the four magicians’ crimes (?) Ops! read on please. Oh, and don’t let me miss out the famous Morgan Freeman who plays an ex-magician who makes a living by exposing the tricks of well-known magicians.
The movie starts by introducing us to the four awesome magicians and how they were brought together by someone they don’t even know! A year later, they were shown working together as a team,calling themselves “The Four Horsemen”. Here’s where everything starts. Being the controversial group of magicians, they never fail to surprise their audiences (us included) and perhaps that’s why the public loves them. It’s a mixture of how cool their tricks are, both when they perform it and later on, when we get to know how it was done (we have Freeman to help us on the latter). It makes us really curious as to where their tricks are gonna bring us to. Like, why would they do this or that? What’s their aim? Why why why? And just when we start thinking we’re a getting a clue of the whole thing, there! We’re wrong again! It’s a puzzle that gets solved only at the very end, where everything comes to place and becomes crystal clear. However, every scene is action packed and intriguing as despite not knowing the whole purpose of it, we get indulged in the awesome performances and great turns and twists of the story. And the visual effects, the atmosphere, background and the lighting (wasn’t dull and mundane nor too bright and weird) are simply amazing. You wouldn’t realize the importance of Freeman’s and Ruffalo’s character till the very end, so focus on them too. Haha. Your eyes will be glued to the screen, trust me. Eisenberg performs way way better in this movie *thumbs up!*.

#1 The Intouchables (theme: friendship, sacrifice, sincerity)

The Intouchables is a French movie starring François Cluzet and Omar Sy. Have you read “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes? This movie is more or less the same as the book, with a different ending of course and that this is a real life story. Philippe (Cluzet)  is a very rich quadriplegic and he ends up hiring Driss (Sy) as his caregiver (when Driss doesn’t even want to be hired). The story is about Philippe and Driss emotional friendship. You will laugh non-stop and tears may roll down in between. The dialogues  (the translation obviously) carries deep meanings and are simply beautiful. The story spans around a few months (I think, I stand corrected) so it’s basically about what happens everyday after Driss started being Philippe’s caregiver. How Driss, being a carefree kind of person, influences Philippe to look at life from a whole different perspective. It’s a really amazing movie and I enjoyed every second of it. Oh and the places it was shot at were definitely beautiful. I don’t think there’s anything else I can say to describe the awesomeness of this movie except that YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!
Watch the trailer here if you’re still in doubt :)

So, have you watched these movies? What you think? You have your own list and you would like to share? Shed your thoughts on the comment section and I’ll definitely respond! :) 


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