Lecture: Friends of the Qur’an


So basically, this post is about a lecture given by Shaykh Kamal El Mekki from the Al-Maghrib Institute, under the same title. Shaykh Kamal started his talk with an interesting story (you shall check it out yourself and skip reading my short note by going to the link I provided at the end of this post :) ) and went on telling us the nature of the Qur’an. Allah swt raises some people in rank because of the Qur’an and others will be lowered as they turn away from it. It (our ranks) depends on how we deal with the Qur’an. By how our relationship is with the Qur’an. The aim is to improve our relationship with the Qur’an. So, what kind of relationship with the Qur’an raises our rank?? By just respecting the physical of the Qur’an, keeping it on the highest shelf and kissing it incessantly every time you touch it? Obviously, not so. It’s about understanding it, acting upon what’s in it.

Then Shaykh Kamal presents us with wonderful examples of the sahabahs of the prophet who had amazing relationships with the Qur’an. They include:

1) Ibn Mas’ud

2) Abdullah bin Abbas

3) Hamzah (who said; I looked (so long) at the Qur’an until I feared to lose (about losing) my eye sight. And us here, our eyes deteriorate because too much of TV?)

4) Abu Bakr bin Ayash

5) Uthman bin Affan (the first person to recite the entire Qur’an in one night)

These amazing stories might sound unbelievable to some for which the scholars rationalized; The further you are from something, the more things about it seem impossible/unbelievable.

To have a good relationship with the Qur’an, you have to try to enjoy it. Take salah for example, when you wanna rush through it, it becomes heavy and difficult. When you try hard to focus/khusyu’ , it becomes easy and fast. When you enjoy the Qur’an, you become addicted to it. Here Shaykh Kamal shares another beautiful story about Abdullah bin Amru bin al-‘As.

You must try to understand the Qur’an. Shaykh Kamal brings an example of a man who memorized one ayah/verse and learn to understand about it for days and only then he moves (to memorize) the next ayah.

It may sound easy but it’s not. All these amazing stories are true but seems far-fetched and unbelievable. What you need to know is that, yes, sometimes it hurts (to read consistently/memorize/work on understanding the Qur’an). You wanna keep going but your body’s giving in (here, he gave an example of prayer). Stand up back and keep going. Yes it’s difficult but you gotta push yourself. Someone else somewhere across the globe or sometime in the past managed to do it, so why can’t you? All of us on the day of judgement will be put on the same plane, are we gonna give excuses saying it’s impossible when there’re also some people with us then who did it?

There is cure in reading the Qur’an
There is enjoyment in reading the Qur’an
There is reward in reading the Qur’an
and most importantly, there is guidance (since it’s a book of guidance).

This is a good, eye-opening lecture. Watch it H.E.R.E and it’ll be a well-spent 30 minutes.
More lectures/videos at sharethekhayr.org


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