I still remember when Shaf would talk about her ideas and philosophical thoughts as I sat at the other end of the bed, listening. My roommate would interfere sometimes, adding her chain of thoughts. While part of me tried to understand the case being discussed so I can offer my opinion as well, the other part of me would be rationalizing the very existence of philosophy itself; It’s so vague(!) .. or so I thought. Then, Shaf would go on and explain to me how every inch of our life has a ‘pinch’ of philosophy. I’d shrug it off and leave it at that or sometimes, debate about it just for the sake of debating.

Few minutes ago, as I read an article on how “science people” demonize philosophy, my eyes widened in denial – “What?! I don’t ‘demonize’ anything! Pfft..” (Me claiming myself as a “science person” itself is a matter that should be discussed in a another post!)

Is the option just either I demonize or accept it? Is there any in-betweens?
But then what actually is philosophy?
Are we all philosophers without even realizing it ‘cuz we don’t actually know it’s true definition? Is there at all a standard definition for philosophy?
Why is it so important that those who are philosophical appear as the thinkers, the smart ones?


Well, it’s starting to interest me .. we’ll see if I can actually understand this P thing at all in the end.

But now, break time is over – back to studying!

What you think about philosophy? Do you think you’re a philosopher? My, my – got something to share? Shed your thoughts in the comment section and I’ll try to get back to you!


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