Random: 5 Things Going On In My Mind Now

Did you realise that lately my blog posts always start with numbers? I like how it summarises what my post is about and you can skip certain paragraphs and read the ones you like. It’s more organised this way and fun!

1) Final Exam.

I have more than 100 lectures still to cover until the end of December before sitting for my 1st Professional Exam (Semester 4 Final Exam). And that’s excluding topics covered in PBL and past years (which are very important).

2) Choosing Partner Medical School (PMS)

I have till 29th of Nov to write an essay on my future plans after graduating from the partner schools/after getting a degree in medicine. And by 2nd of Dec I should rank the PMSs. The thing is, the partner medical schools will rank us too and through some computer-generated calculation, we’ll be matched to a particular university. I’m confused and scared, obviously. I mean, I’m not very confident to put the very good schools up the list. But other than the very popular ones, I don’t see much difference between the other universities. What if I’m overlooking some things which I should be considering now? Oh my. If you have any idea on the-hows or if you’re studying at the universities (listed below) please tell a bit more or less about medicine there! It’s so difficult to find personal stories regarding the universities (I have some though but am still indecisive). BUT, back to number 1, I gotta pass my finals first!


NUI, Galway


Queen’s Uni Belfast
St. George’s
St. Bart’s QMUL

3) IELTS. 

Ugh. Because it’s only valid for 2 years, I gotta take them again! I’d forgotten everything about IELTS. And, I only have one chance to get 7 and above for every component (listening, reading, writing and speaking) since we have to submit the results by mid-February & my exams end early January and only after that I can start focusing on IELTS. And, I haven’t decided on when to take it (in January obviously, but when?) and haven’t registered for it.

4) Article & Fav blogger.

My second published article! Yeay! I randomly sent an article last Saturday and it got published in the local newspaper (The Star) on Monday and I only knew about it on Friday. But oh well, I’m still happy *smiles*.
My first published article was about .. (okay, I can’t recall) .. and it was published in a The Star’s pull-out called Niexter (when I was 18 I think). All articles in Niexter are written by high school students and I was the odd one out. I wanted to be one of their journalist but since I left school the year before, I’m just not qualified. But, they decided one article from me shouldn’t hurt. Hehe.

Just to note, my Friday wasn’t going very well & the above news really lifted my mood. And to make things even better, my favorite blogger/writer, @Jonnegroni tweeted back to me (after I tweeted something random about his blog)! I like reading all his posts (that I’ve read). He made PR sounds soooo cool. And through his posts, I started to realize that I love posts’ titles that involves numbering (does this sentence sound weird to you as it is to me?). I also started to consider writing movie & book reviews in my blog – but not too much yet ‘cuz I gotta study.

Another fav writer tweeted back to me too – @nikicheong. Niki Cheong was a columnits in  The Start previously.

Jon Negroni @ jonnegroni.com – I found his blog after his post on The Pixar Theory became very famous. Surprisingly, The Pixar Theory didn’t fascinate me as much as the other articles did.
Niki Cheong @ nikicheong.com – I love his articles in The Star.

To me, these people are amazing writers. You guys should definitely check out their websites.

5) To increase my study hours.

I just realised that despite studying continuously for the whole day, when timed – I actually study not more than 4 hours (on average). Oh my. That hurts. But yeah, gotta work on that too.


Okay, I exceeded the amount of time allocated for blogging already! #distractions

Salam alayk!


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