Opinion: Malaysia’s Constitutional Monarchy

Just wanna share this article from The Malaysian Insider written by Muhammad Nazreen. Not that I know the writer or anything. I don’t even know how I stumbled upon this article. As I was about to close my tabs and shut down my computer after 3 (maybe more) days of just ‘hibernating’ it, I realised I’d clicked on this page and decided to ‘read it later’. I used spreeder.com to speed-read this article. I love this piece. And would like to read it again, sometime in the future. You – should read it now. Or open it and leave the tab for you to ‘read it later’ which probably means never or .. just like me now, after a few days.

Malay rulers: Regress or reform?

Since the passing of a constitutional amendment in 1993 which revoked the immunity status of the Malay rulers, it has become a subject of contention in the contemporary Malaysian politics.

Dr Syed Husin Ali made a brief attempt to revise the evolution of Malay monarchies that transgressed from its early inception until today. It is timely for us to discuss about the historical development of the Malay rulers, despite widespread controversial surroundings the Malay monarchies went through all these days.

Read more here


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