2013 Highlights: 5 Things I learnt about me and my life.

Okay, this should have been up at least on the 1st of Jan 2014 but since I was busy with exams, this had to wait. 2 months passed without me posting anything here. All thanks to EOS4 that is still giving me goosebumps each time I’m reminded of the terrifying 2 days experience.

At first, I thought of writing 21 things that I learnt from my 21st year on Earth. That’ll be too long and boring. So here’s just 5 things (from 2013) I can remember now.

Not in any specific order.

1) Bipolar.

I hate personality tests actually. I hate that people try to group us into categories. I believe  that each and every one of us are individualized. But I can’t ignore the fact that people do have similarities and grouping can be fun, at times. I really wanted to do some reading (and write) on introvert/extrovert because suddenly lots of self-claim introverts are popping out and claiming intelligence. As if all extroverts are narcissistic who can’t stop talking and that’s all they have to offer. As if all extroverts are bullies and all introverts are smart-quiet-geniuses who speak wise words only. Oh, how arrogant. I’m not saying these because I think I’m an extrovert. Rather, it’s because I just can’t tolerate people who think they’re better than others ’cause that definitely means they haven’t met enough people. I did 2 personality tests in 2013 out of curiosity because the explanations provided (about each categories) are interesting. And what’s shocking is that one of the tests actually grouped me as an introvert that appears as an extrovert to everyone else. I laughed at this. I think I am an introvert and an extrovert. When I’m with my good friends, we’ll talk about books, current issues, ideas and simply everything. When I’m with a group of unknown people/whom I’m not very close with – I’ll be an introvert if all of them are very outspoken and an extrovert if they’re of the shy/talk-less kinda people. At home, I can be very active and don’t need any “alone time”s but at other times, I do. So what am I? Am I an extrovert as how most people look at me as? Or am I an introvert based on my need for my “alone time” and how I don’t like being in crowded places filled with unknown people?

Probably I’m bipolar – bouncing to the two extremes each time.

I’ll elaborate on characters in a different post, insyaAllah. The two tests can be found HERE and HERE . My character for the second test is the same as Wilson (HouseM.D.), so if you share yours with House let me know! We should be best friends.

2) Debate.

I joined the university Debating Society in 2012 (1st year of med school) because I wanted to be more outspoken and daring. I joined a few tournaments as an adjudicator and only one (unfortunately) as a debater. Lucky me that in my first tournament as a debater, I partnered with one of IMU’s best debater (Reena) and we broke (and when to the quaterfinals) ! This year, I convened one tournament organised by our society and it was very unforgettable with lots of fun, hard work, stress, laughter, tears and drama. What I loved the most about the society is its members and our trainings. We had an amazing coach – Groobie. He thought me that being nervous is normal, everyone’s nervous (at least a little), but good debaters don’t tell people that. They don’t start their first sentence with “I’m new so I’m a bit nervous” or “I’m unprepared” or “I’m just gonna crap” etc. They may be nervous but they don’t say it out. They appear confident or at least, fake it. It’s very applicable for me, one who never stops being nervous/anxious about simply everything. I’m so good at faking confidence that no one can actually tell that each time I speak, I’ll be tachycardic. I took a break from debate after the tournament so I can focus on my 1st Professional Exam Part 1 that ended last Thursday.

IMU Debating Society has a lot to offer. So if you’re studying at IMU, do join us! Check out our website HERE. (very little updates but the official statement from the dramatic twist of event during the tournament is there!)

3) Blogging and movies.

I started blogging more consistently last year and realized that I just can’t not write. Despite the fact that now more and more people around me are starting their own blogs/microblogs (as compared to when I started blogging in 2009), I believe that what I have to say/offer matters too and so I have to write. I’m planning on writing more meaningful stuffs this year, stuffs that require more and more research.

My top 2 (most read) posts in 2013 were:

a) Sepet: The Stereotypes (HERE)

b) The Five Best Movies I Watch This Year (2013) (HERE)

We all love good movies, don’t we?

4) Books.

I read very few non-medical books last year. I was so busy with hospital postings, GP attachments, the long list of subjects to cover and exams. I hope it was worth it. I really do.

I made a list of books that I wanted to read then but suppressed the desire due to the previous reasons given. Hoping to be able to read them this year! And this is the list (see picture below)!

book list

I personally love biographies (you know biographies) and self-help books (Chicken Soup for the Soul series, 7 Habits of Highly effective People, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens – just to name a few). But I decided to read books of different genres too this year and see what I can make out of it. I don’t think I like abstract thinking (not denying it’s important at times) so I’m gonna read few books exposing me to this idea. And, I rarely read novels but for my love of language, I’m gonna read a few too this year. Plus, I’m planning of publishing a special monthly post called “book of the month” and share a simple review of a book I read that month.

If you would like to read my reviews on my favorite books – monthly, do subscribe to my blog via email (insert your email add to the 2nd widget on the right side of this page)

5) Others.


I love how memories are sealed through photos. I may not be a good professional photographer but the OCD side of me always provide me with satisfying end products.


I know I’ve always love history but 2013 made realize that I really really love history. It’s genetic – my father loves history too. I use to harp about how I’ll marry an ustadh (to my friends) and now probably I’ll make it an ustadh who is also a historian or at least loves history too.


Because I love history, I love museums too – a lot. Due to time constrains and other unknown reasons, I haven’t had the chance to visit all museums in Malaysia yet. But they’re already in my must-go places list.

1) Lecturers
"Come come buy! This 's made by a surgeon!" - the awesome surgeon-anatomist Dr Joechim Perera.
“Come come buy! This ‘s made by a surgeon!” – the awesome surgeon-anatomist Dr Joechim Perera.
Dr Ranjit de Alwis
Dr Ranjit de Alwis at IMUChariofare
Dr Puru (pathologist) - the best IMU lecturer!
Dr Puru (pathologist) – the best IMU lecturer!
Photo credit: Ahmad Farhan

3) No Tobacco Day Poster Competition

Unexpected win. Kudos to me and housemates! lol
Unexpected win. Kudos to me and housemates! lol
4) Malaysian Studies
Amazing experience with a true teacher, Mrs Phoong.
Amazing experience with a true teacher, Mrs Phoong.

5) Article published

Click here for full article on this.
Click here for full article on this.
Yeah. So that’s that.
Starting from this year (insyaAllah), my weekly posts will be published on every Saturday. See you in my next post?

4 thoughts on “2013 Highlights: 5 Things I learnt about me and my life.

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  1. Hahaha. Ok lah, I am self-claimed introvert. Haha. But yeah, congrates for your published article! Yay!

    But one thing I agree about introversion is mainly on how we get charged energy. Just on that point. Introvert feels like losing energy when interacts with people too much. Extrovert, somehow, feels more energetic when interacts with people. Excessive time with people, without having enough time with their own selves, yes, this is how introvert later being down.

    But all in all, yeah, to reduce all these varieties into two section only, is all making this world a boring place. Gittew

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