Batu Pahat Hospital Posting

Technically, I got no time to actually write about my AMAZAYNNNG posting at the Batu Pahat Hospital. But scrolling down my facebook page to reminisce the exciting 3 weeks will be very difficult so I’m gonna just compile everything here. :p


March 16.

First day at Batu Pahat. I was totally in love with that double storey house we stayed in for 3 weeks!

The balcony of Rumah No. 16
The balcony of Rumah No. 16


Facebook post – March 18

Batu Pahat Day #2

Dr. Baha (an Ortho surgeon) was intimidating and inspiring at the same time. I screwed my case presentation ‘cuz I didn’t really explore much about the fracture – we had one lecture for fracture and he was asking as if I was a pro. Plus, I was so nervous that my mouth became so dry and my tongue was sticking onto my soft palate .. my sentences were completely incoherent. But well, it was the first case summary that I had to do alone. So, I guess it’s kinda okay. 

I hate MSK and definitely hate Ortho and now I’m actually reading an Ortho book. #indenial #whyOrtho

The Ortho book I borrowed from a friend.
The Ortho book I borrowed from a friend.


Facebook Post – March 20

Batu Pahat Day #4 On-call at Labor Room

It’s totally fun to get scolded by the sister at the Labor room for being the “lucky” first group of people to approach her about on-call at the labor room andddd ending up having to arrange the on-call time table for the entire group. But the on-call was fine. I guess. Oh, except that we were scolded again that evening because of some misunderstanding about our orientation at the Labor room. =.=”


March 21 – 22

Not gonna tell much (not gonna tell anything, actually) about my road trip to Johor Bharu with my amazing group of (Malay) friends (not forgetting Theresa & Kelly). Too many “first times”. And it was totally bizarre. My back still aches every time I’m reminded of that trip.

I really love those people, whom I’ve known for the past 2 years and yet I talked very little to (until Batu Pahat brought us together). I also remember missing my housemates then. 0.O

#nopictures #tooweird #toocool


Facebook Post – March 22

Went for a much needed morning walk (with Mas), had a really good spicy nasi lemak and hoping to finish the Ortho book by today. We’ll see how it goes.  


I NEED to walk (cannot run – no appropriate shoes) and sweat because even though I walk a lot at the hospital (and sweat like hell), it’s just not the same. And in the end, I didn’t finish reading the book that day. 


Facebook post – March 26 

At the Ortho ward today.

Me: Banyak mana eh makcik darahnya? Sikit-sikit ja ke banyak?
Patient: Banyak lah..
Me: Boleh agak tak banyak mana? Agak-agak lah..
Patient: Hurm.. dalam dua ekor ayam gitu.
Me: *confused at first then ticklish*

I don’t even know why I think it’s funny but I seriously never heard anyone making such comparison before.

Ah, cute patients everywhere.


Facebook post – March 27

Batu Pahat Day #12

My first session with the amazing Dr. Baha was terrible and terrifying. I was so traumatized that I couldn’t present cases confidently to anyone (even my groupmates) for one whole week.

Lucky me, my group very kiasu and rajin – we set aims for each session with Dr. Baha. The first session he didn’t even let us finish our HOPI. Each of us said only a couple of sentences before we were stopped and asked more detailed questions about the patient that we couldn’t answer.

“You need a good history, that’s all,”

The 2nd session, we aim to be able to finish our HOPI (which involves taking a more thorough and complete history) and not get scolded. We all finished our HOPI but yeah, didn’t manage to escape the scoldings.

The 3rd session, I was the only one who presented (he started teaching after that) and guess what, I didn’t get scolded!! Yeay! All the palpitation, no dinner and waking up every two hours last night to study was somewhat worth it.

I really really love Dr. Baha’s sessions. I think I clerked more Ortho patients in 3 years of medical school even after including all patients I have ever clerked. Loving Ortho now which is totally weird.

“I scold you because I’m responsible for your future. Please work hard and clerk patients. This (the ward) is your library. Patient is your textbook..”

# all quotes are Dr. Baha’s words.
# we need at least one garang doctor to feel inspired and challenged.
# be humble at all times – one of the main values he stresses on.

Facebook post – April 3

Reading CT scan.

“If Siti smiles at you then you’re good. If not then you’re in deep sh*t,”
– Dr. Tan (HOD, Internal Medicine).

It was our last day at the hospital, so it was time to take loads of pictures!

April 3

And our way back (to KL) from Batu Pahat was something too. We were travelling back together in 2 cars and one of it had some (serious) problem with one of its back tyre. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really wished I was in that car then. I mean how often do you get to experience such thrill and nervousness? Of course, it’s dangerous and all but well, that’s why I call myself cool. :p Ah, travelling with this people – never uneventful.


The hospital is an amazing place. 

There’s pain but there’s relief too.


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