The Definition of IMU.

My first experience staying away from family was at INTEC 5 years ago where I met an amazing girl that I quickly “clicked” with. She was so perfect, I don’t think I can list even one bad thing about her. So when we separated as we took different paths after INTEC, I wonder if anyone else can bear with my long list of imperfections like she did. Will they not be mad and gently talk to me whenever I do something unacceptable like she always do? Yes, I worry about things like that a lot.

I never had so much contact with friends so I’m kinda socially awkward (haha, but not too bad I think), I don’t understand normal social cues and some of my comments can be a bit too frank and insensitive.

Then, I met these people. But they’re different. They’re not like her.

As I get into IMU, the one thing that comes to my mind when you say IMU is endless hours of studying.

Poja’s from Kedah and we speak in our slang together and I totally love that. I can’t explain why, but I feel very comfortable when I’m with her. I think I’m kinda attached to her. In my family, besides my youngest sister – everyone else are very reserved. We know we love each other a lot but we rarely say it out loud. But here, with  Poja – I’m more expressive. Probably a bit too expressive. I tell her everything – erm, almost everything?

Moving away will hurt so much, I know. I’ve been to Alor Setar for a couple of times during our breaks and she (despite enjoying shopping) brought me to museums! We went to the National Museum once and spent like, hours there. Museum! How sweet is that? Probably she’ll do the same for everyone else, but I like to think that I’m special. We sync a lot! We have so much in common and so many differences at the same time. Hah. She’s my best friend.
At first, I wonder if she thinks of me the same way – does she appreciate me as just another friend or her bessstttt friend? But then I realized that it doesn’t matter. Because I love her lillahi ta’ala. I remember her in my prayers. I pray so Allah protects her from wrong decisions and sinful acts. So she’ll find her perfect man and I’ll find mine and we can have family vacations together. I hope she doesn’t find my “overattached-ness” annoying though. I don’t need her to survive, I’m an independent lady (I’m convinced that I am haha) but I want her to be with me. My life’s better with her in it..
Okayy, this sounds a bit too cheesy LOL

Then there’s Izat (not her real name). Both of us have like soooo much in common, I’m scared she might like ‘my guy’! Haha kidding Jatt! I get scolded a lot. I guess, I’m the only one who gets scolded openly in this house – never saw it happening to anyone else. I use to comment that her mood swings are pretty scary and unpredictable. Where she goes quiet suddenly and talkative the next moment. To be able to detect that makes me feel special! To be able to talk to her about everything makes me happy. That we had numerous debates over everything make me love her presence more. How she once called me from my (faraway) room just to switch on her room’s light!  How she’d come to my room and talk random stuff just because she’s sleepy and end up sleeping on my bed. How she’d say she misses my singing when no one else will admit anything good about my voice – haha. How she was so dumbfounded trying to do the right thing when I cry ’cause I think I screwed my exams. She’s an amazing person. Amazing.

They say she doesn’t talk much, studies all the time and is always serious. She talks a lot, we technically “fight” to talk. And to say she’s always serious? – you kidding me?. I’ll miss her sooo much. I hope she gets lots of babies soon so I can spoil them and buy lots of teddybears ’cause they’ll surely love it (just like their weird mom)!

Amy comments really frankly about my bad habits. She is that one person who condemns my cooking (nicely) when I first started. Uh, come on, I never really cooked at home. Now, suddenly you expect me to cook like I’ve been doing it for years, mana boleh! At first, I thought she’s really weird. She de-stresses with cooking! Who does that?! I dread cooking and openly show that (kinda mean, I know). But I really enjoy their cooking and so, got no choice leh but to cook myself. I dread the days when I have to cook and that’s the most common prank they’d pull on me after a long exhausting day at school.

“A, kau masak harini!”

And I’ll go..

Now, that I’m starting to count the days I have left with them, I think I’m starting to love cooking. I think I’ll love cooking more and more as I miss her more and more. I really appreciate you Amy!

Liyana is.. composed. Always. How she keeps her head straight when things get so messed up is really something. She’s like – the perfect wife. At least, from my point of view. You know how people get really selfish as exams get nearer. You just wanna finish all those things you have to cover and you definitely do not want others bothering you. But Liyana, she’s different, she was always willing to explain stuff to me patiently whenever I go to her (even though she’s studying something else then). Okay, now I look bad – for disturbing her study time. Sowwyy Yana!

Anis. So she’s a bit reserved. I’ve never really talked to her at INTEC (our college). I think she looks a bit too ‘garang’, I’m scared of ‘garang’ people and I trust my instincts a bit too much. Despite staying in the same house for 2 years, we never really had a lot of one-to-one conversations. When I was posted to Batu Pahat (for my hospital posting) and ended up in the same room with her – that was when I realized how special she is to me. After all, she’s gonna stay with my best friend for the next three years!

The few things that brings us together is food (and our lovely kitchen), cabbage and our love for drama. All of us are drama queens, we give exaggerated responses all the time. So yeah, it’s okay that I chose debate club over drama club ‘cuz I have an ongoing show for 2.5 years!

They claim that I tend to nag at times. Well, that’s because I care about you people. When I stop nagging, you should know that I stopped caring. It’s my responsibility as a friend.. I think.

I don’t mind if they forget my birthdays after this or not call me as often after some time or completely forget me. All I pray for is for Allah to guide them all the way as they seek His blessings (mardhatillah). I pray they become the best muslimah doctors ever and I’ll stand from afar thinking that these people once stayed with me and are forever my friends. I pray they live their lives to the fullest and never forget our main purpose in life as a Muslim. And of course, for their time here to end in a perfectly beautiful way (husnul khotimah).

And it’s true what Céline said in Before Sunset
“You can never replace anyone because everyone is made up of such beautiful specific details.” 

So if you ask me now what comes to my mind when you say IMU. I’d say – these 5 people.  (plus another 8) 


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