Settling down.

So our neighbour let us access the internet using their line. How cool is that? I mean, in Malaysia I wouldn’t even think about asking. Here, random enough – I dropped a simple note into their mail-slot, asking for their line. And that person (whoever it was) just texted back, sending me their username and password. We’re gonna cook something for them, it’s a promise we made to ourselves. (I end up making carrot cake for them ^^)

The above is basically the sweet, happy part and is completely the opposite of what has been happening since I came here. I thought I had enough trouble back in Malaysia that things are gonna settle down fast here. But, well Allah had better plans.

You know already how our house was went we first came. I couldn’t accept the fact that after all the things we went through to find that place to call home, we came and can’t seem to call it that just yet. Funny enough, our friend who was just chilling back in Malaysia without a house – came here and got a perfect house right away. *not jealous or anything*

We had to walk around, call numerous numbers and see lots of houses and we finally decided to take Num 5 (my lovely home now). It drains you, really. Then we realised that we have to pay the final 6 month’s rent upfront because we don’t have a UK-based guarantor. I think my heart literally sank. I mean, where do they expect us to find that much money? And we had to look for a third person to stay with us (not really hard since there’ll be lots of student coming in September). The difficult part about finding this third person is that we don’t know what kind of person they’re gonna be. I’m so not the person who can simply get on well with you when i don’t understand what kind of person you’re yet. Still, I tried acting all nice with that person. But I guess, my non-emotional demeaneour came out real wrong. I don’t understand it but my friend said probably that person thinks I was mad at her or something. I’m not a crazy hot-tempered maniac alright. People just got to understand that.

“People are afraid of me because I am different.” – Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Also, I think probably we were a bit pushy ’cause we really wanted to do things fast and quickly move into the new place so we can settle down. But well, in the end, after we paid the deposit and all – she chose not to stay with us.

Honestly, I was dumbfounded. I can’t brain the fact that after all we did to get the house and just two days before we move in – we can’t. It’s like – me and bad luck are glued together for eternity or something.

Good thing the housing agency kinda feel bad for us and allowed just the two of us to stay in the 4-bedroom house. But of course, with a way much higher rent. Two weeks later, we have a new housemate. :) I’m still getting to know this new person, trying to warm up and stuff – hopefully things goes well. InsyaAllah.


It’s been a month now. Bad luck is still with me. I’d rather think of it as trials from Allah. I hope I stay strong here because everyday has been a challenge. Every single day. The accent. The bus rides. The walking. The friends. The studying.

I like changes. But this is a hard one. I’m positive though. I always am. That’s what I like about me. Does that sound narcissistic enough? Kbye.



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