Just another acne story

Dear lovely readers,

I just realised that since I came back to write here, all I’ve been writing about is my mental health issues. I mean, I need to talk about it somewhere with someone you see.

Sorry laaah.

So I thought today I’d write about something else for a change. Also, it’s so that I don’t get obsessed over my anxiety which may in turn cause more worrying etc etc (OCD and anxiety is not a good combo, I can vouch for that!).

So acne!

If you don’t really want to read about the crappy mistake I did to ruin my face and would rather just read on how I dealt with it, skip straight to my lovely list below!

I stopped having breakouts when I was 15 (I think). The occasional one or two pimples before I get my period doesn’t really bother me. But for some unknown reasons, in winter 2015, I decided to go out of my way to start ‘looking after my skin’.

“You know what, I’m 23 now. I need to start caring for my skin. Start washing my face regularly with proper skin care products and wear moisturiser and toner and whatever else other people wear”

My friends suggested a product called K**** as it worked wonders for them so it wasn’t that hard to be convinced.

“Besides the permanent dark circles around my eyes, my skin is fine- no scars, no acne problem, no sensitive skin. So do I really need this now?” <– my rational side, which I never listen to!

But my crazy side was too influenced by the ads line that goes ‘start caring for your skin now!’.

I ended up getting a very expensive moisturiser by K****.

I was in Italy one week after I started using the cream and my forehead was covered in spots! Initially I thought it was the sudden change in weather (UK -> Rome) so I put more cream on my face to ‘help calm the spots’.

I tried so hard to find the cause for the sudden breakout for 3 months and at the same time, kept using the cream consistently (which was so unlike me). Eventually it was time to get serious about finals and my acne problem only got worse with all the added stress and frustrations. That was when I started ignoring my face again. One thing about me is that I , for the love of god, CANNOT multitask. Caring about my face and studying at the same time is not doable. And so when I stopped using the cream, my acne sort of calmed down a little and that’s was when I knew. :( *heartbroken*

But there was no turning back, the damage has been done.

My clear skin is now riddled with scars, holes, hyperpigmentations and worse still – it became extremely sensitive. I’ll have a small breakout episode (that’s like 10 pimples or more) before my period or if there’s a change in the weather/season (too cold or warm). Every time I go anywhere near the beach, I’ll get a mild allergic reaction on my face where I develop a million tiny spots and will need (prescribed) steroid cream for 3 days minimum. BUT my acne problem was also still there, not improving much.

After a year of trying all kind of acne treatment methods, I finally decided to consult my GP and was then prescribed 3% benzoyl peroxide.

It is working super slowly but we  (me and my acne-minions) are finally getting somewhere! YEAY!

To be fair, there is no one thing that has helped me with this whole thing. So because I love making lists SO MUCH I decided to list all the things I’ve tried in the past 2 years that kind of helped me deal with my beloved acnes.

1) Benzoyl peroxide
In the UK, this is a prescription only cream so you’ll have to pay £8.60 for this 30g tube. Ugh. AND please remember to note the due date – mine lasts for only two months (after opening) but I used it for 5 months before I went back to my GP complaining it stopped working. Typical  =.=’

2) Masks
Wearing masks gives an instant result so it’s an amazing feeling for an impatient person like me. I don’t know if they really work or it’s just the placebo effects but my skin does feel smoother after each session. Having a set day for masking makes it a thing I look forward to. The honey one makes my skin look healthier and not dry. If I add the sugar, it sort of works as an exfoliator. Some advice against the use of harsh exfoliator (that sugar bit is pretty harsh) but I’m not too bothered. Plus my skin is always itchy and the sugar is an excuse to just rub my pruritic face.
-honey mask (honey + turmeric or sugar or both. Be warned – using turmeric may cause you a jaundiced look especially if you have fair skin)
-egg mask (egg + cinnamon)
-potato mask (potato extract – I rarely do this because I’d rather eat the potatoes)

3) Dermol 500 Lotion
If you work in hospitals, you’d notice that a lot of the elderly patients are prescribed this for dry skin. I use this as a moisturiser now and it’s incredible. It’s an antimicrobial emollient that has this really amazing cooling effect once applied. 최고 !

4) Ice cubes or ice cold water
Because of my anxiety, I’ve been getting hot flushes way too often than I’d like to. So my face is always warm and that definitely does not help with the inflamed spots. So when my face gets too hot or there’s a new pimple coming up, I’ll get an ice cube and give my face a brain-numbing ice-cube-rub. Some say it also tightens your pores (or does it reduces it’s size? Can’t say for sure.). I’m not sure if it’s scientifically proven or not but what I can say is that it does make my face feel really nice afterwards!

5) Acceptance
Stop regretting & worrying and start accepting my face as it is now. Just kidding! Stop worrying? Pfft. Like that’s even possible lols.
In all seriousness, I still am trying hard to get over this acne problem. I’m slowly accepting the fact that my face can never go back to what it was like before and that’s okay.

Would things have been different if I never tried that expensive sh*t?

I guess I’ll never know.





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